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La Mise en Scène - @la_mise_en_scene Instagram Profile Photola_mise_en_scene

La Mise en Scène

La Mise en Scène - @la_mise_en_scene Instagram Photo

> O Deserto Vermelho (Il Deserto Rosso)> Michelangelo Antonioni> 1964> Itália

Karla Fernandez - @karlafdez Instagram Profile Photokarlafdez

Karla Fernandez

Karla Fernandez - @karlafdez Instagram Photo

In awe of the Antiononi double feature I saw which consisted of Blow Up and Il deserto rosso. #tbt#film#cinema#cinemaitaliano#antiononi#blowup#ildesertorosso#afi

railroad square cinema - @railroadsquarecinema Instagram Profile Photorailroadsquarecinema

railroad square cinema

railroad square cinema - @railroadsquarecinema Instagram Photo

"Antonioni’s bold, modernist angles and thrillingly innovative use of colour (he painted trees and grass to tone with the industrial landscape) make every frame a work of art: an achievement made all the more extraordinary considering this was his first colour film… Red Desert remains a film of rare beauty and brooding erotic intensity." –Robbie Collin, @telegraphRed Desert screens in #35mmthis Monday at 7pm at @wtvloperahouse.Tickets:

robert edwin haines - @bobbysoxxx Instagram Profile Photobobbysoxxx

robert edwin haines

Go media

#wcwThe exquisite Monica Vitti in Michelangelo Antonioni’s RED DESERT (1964). #monicavitti#reddesert#ildesertorosso#michelangeloantonioni

GalsOnFilm - @galsonfilm Instagram Profile Photogalsonfilm


@andreablie Instagram Photo

#mondaymood#monicavitti#leclisse#lanotte#lavventura#ildesertorossoClips: L'Eclisse, La Notte, L'Avventura & Il Deserto RossoMusic: Pascal Junior - Overdose

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