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Epic Hybrid Training SF (@epichybridtrainingsf) Instagram Profile Photoepichybridtrainingsf

Epic Hybrid Training SF

Coach @radiate_wkate jumping into the week strong1667645046305990743

Coach @radiate_wkatejumping into the week strong with some burpee box jumps which you expect in this months new programming!!..Come on in and balance out your holiday indulgences with today’s Grynd class!!..#mondaymotivation#liveepicbeepic#trainhybrid#epichybridtraining#workoutoftheday


After 10 weeks of training for the #500lbsdeadliftand the #5minmilehere are my results. Missed them both by a few, but it proves you can have both strength and cardio.Big thanks to my coach joe Cruz. 475lbs dead 5:09 mile. Body weight 185lbs @crossfit@hybridperformancemethod#activelife#crossfit#hybridathlete#hardworkpaysoff

Danielle M (@deebird20) Instagram Profile Photodeebird20

Danielle M

Bilateral vs. Unilateral Training...what is the difference and why you should train both? •Bilateral Training: helps develop overall strength, usually in one plane of motion, addressing recruitment of large motor units. These movements are very important, but may not be addressing the stabilization that is required to perform unilateral functional movements. Unilateral motions stress one side of the body, forcing core activation in order to compensate for uneven load distribution. Also, the balance required in movements such as the Bulgarian Split Squat challenges both smaller and larger motor units for stabilization of the moving limb. This improved stability and proprioception will transfer to improvement in strength in your bilateral lifts like the squat, deadlift, clean, etc. Finally, just think about walking or running for one second: are you not shifting back and forth between unilateral to bilateral constantly? Functional full body reciprocal training at its finest #mondaymood#mondaymotivation#empoweryourperformance#futurephysicaltherapist#thinkoutsidethebox#accessorywork#traindirty#ironsharpensiron#destroymediocrity#movethatdirt#hybridathlete#hybridaf#crossfit#olympiclifting#chickswhotrain#functionalbodybuilding#powerathlete@hybridperformancemethod@steficohen@marcusfilly

--Last week I touched on weight loss v fat loss v getting fit-Now that we know we should be focused on fat loss/getting fit, for many starting out the question is how?-I touched on last week how even when trying to lose fat, you need to eat, fuel your body and fix/manipulate your metabolism to work for you-So let’s talk quickly about how to do that-You’ll see many show up to the gym in early January jump on a piece of cardio equipment, MAYBE do some type of core (abs) work and call it a day...maybe even spend 45-75minutes doing the work-Well, while I will always applaud someone for making a change, I want to see the change pay off, and if your going to be willing to put the time in, you might want to maximize the output you receive with the time you put in-What if I told you that you could lift weights for 45minutes and do only 10-15minutes of cardio and lose more fat? Have more energy? Look more defined? And likely be able to consume more food..-Weight training burns off glycogen (energy) which in turns burns more calories (and fat) and uses more of the food you take in to help repair and recovery muscles. Adding short periods of cardio post weight training will also more effectively burn off fat as your glycogen should already be spent forcing your body to turn to your stored fat for additional fuel to finish off your workout-The process of recovery for weight training also keeps your body in a calorie burning mode for hours (up to 24) post workout, where cardio alone, your body is actually more likely to go into a preservation mode and store more of the calories you take in post workout-The addition of lean muscle will also help in raising your resting metabolic rate, which simply means your body will burn and use more calories even when not exercising!-If you swipe right you can see a quick graph on how cardio vs weight training burns calories-And while this is not condemning cardio, as if your goals are specific to cardio activity (marathons?) it is obviously a necessity, but if your starting goal is fat loss, being fitter and feeling better a combo of both, and a good program to maximize your time and effort is !

Stoic Conditioning (@stoicconditioning) Instagram Profile Photostoicconditioning

Stoic Conditioning

Our Branch Chain Amino Acid brief and it’s uses fo 1667603667836326740

Our Branch Chain Amino Acid brief and it’s uses for the tactical athlete is now live on our FB page. #bcaa

Jennifer Kyle 🦄 (@jbirdruns) Instagram Profile Photojbirdruns

Jennifer Kyle 🦄

7 easy miles at 9:01 average and shoulders/arms th 1667602748637454953

7 easy miles at 9:01 average and shoulders/arms this morning. Feeling fired up to work hard this training cycle. In the words of Des Linden - 2018 Boston Marathon - LET’S DO THIS. #poweryourpassion#beatyesterday

I swam today for literally the first time since hi 1666927380014097854

I swam today for literally the first time since high schoolIt went much better than I expected? I’m proud that I got a rhythm back to my breathing by the end but I basically barely finished the warm up from my HS swim team daysand I covered 1 mile on the treadmill before for #rwrstreakday 18

Jenna Richardson ( Instagram Profile

Jenna Richardson

Simple yet powerful1667567526065154803

Simple yet powerful

The garage gym ain’t pretty, but it gets the job d 1667557828960045973

The garage gym ain’t pretty, but it gets the job done. Major goal this winter is to add some serious strength (for me). #garagegym#squatheavy

michael sebastian (@gypsywinehouse) Instagram Profile Photogypsywinehouse

michael sebastian

Hard work and good lighting really do make a diffe 1667259440561027095

Hard work and good lighting really do make a difference haha but aside from that, it's crazy to see how far I've come. Not only am I at the best I've ever felt, but I'm the strongest and most athletic I've ever been.This journey is RIDIKKALUSS. Can't wait to see what else is in store other than more beer. Tee hee190 lbs vs 167 lbs#rottenstrengthdivision#liftanddestroy#transformation#powerlifting#hybridathlete