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L A E T I T I AL I N O R 🏹® (@l4371714) Instagram Profile Photol4371714

L A E T I T I AL I N O R 🏹®

Chiropractic embraces the science of life, the kno 1671997268227404335

Chiropractic embraces the science of life, the knowledge of how organisms act in health and disease and also the art of adjusting the neuroskeleton.D.D PALMER#chiropractic#student#girl#passion#mission#hheir#dafrique#humanitarian#weekend#saturday#sunday#papiercadeau#thanksgiving#tired#studentlife#chiropraxie#ifec#humanitaire#palmercollegeofchiropractic#palmer#fff#flf#pictureoftheday

Mea Boykins B.A., M.S., M.A.✨ (@meaboykins) Instagram Profile Photomeaboykins

Mea Boykins B.A., M.S., M.A.✨

Annual McCann Holiday Party1671984382670794592

Annual McCann Holiday Party

Dre .. 🥀 (@andreadominguez) Instagram Profile Photoandreadominguez

Dre .. 🥀

Had to repost because what he is doing, is amazing 1671869577128384486

Had to repost because what he is doing, is amazing and genius. This is the kind of projects I'd like to help with. Repost, because the mainstream media won't. Follow @chakabarsand support. #lovearmyforsomalia

THE EXPRESSIONIST (@weexpressionist) Instagram Profile Photoweexpressionist


TOGETHERNESS!!new VIDEO released TODAY, exclusive 1671983435278481323

TOGETHERNESS!!new VIDEO released TODAY, exclusively on our YOUTUBE channel, LINK below

Chris Chukwunyere (@chrisinspire) Instagram Profile Photochrisinspire

Chris Chukwunyere

The last time I wore this collar was two years ago 1671981521533942784

The last time I wore this collar was two years ago at my ordinationComing back from Kaduna today I took some time to reflect on how my year has been. I thought about the things God told me concerning my life and how they are all playing out before my eyes. God is indeed a faithful God.I remember December 2015 when @solainspireand I got ordained as ministers of the gospel of Christ. She was about three months pregnant with @zioninspire.When we were preparing for the ordination, God said to us that it wasn't just us that would be publicly anointed and consecrated for His purpose, but the child Sola was carrying in her womb. Wow, that was huge for us.Bearing that word from God in mind, anytime we look at him express certain special traits, we just smile. His actions confirm to us that he is an uncommon child that would do exploits. As his name implies Zion (The City of God) Ebubechukwu (The Glory of God), he is and will continue to be a custodian and expression of the life and glory of God. We see a child with a unique purpose.With the hearts, minds and hands of a loving father and mother, we will nurture him into the fullness of God purpose for his life. So help us God.This picture is a rare sight showing me wearing a collar. The last time Sola and I wore ours was at our ordination two years ago. Well you know we are not conventional pastors. Hehe.On another news, #smilewithoutwormsis approaching really fast. We still need your support in the form of cash, medical supplies, clothes, foot wares, food items, toiletries, toothpastes, toothbrushes, toys, etc.To be a part of this year's #smilewithoutworms , please send your cash donations to:Account No: 1014481142Account Name: Insolar Consulting ServicesBank: Zenith Bank PlcFor enquiries and material donations, please call: +2348034693525, +2348066757628Remember that we have our new eBooks to send to you as thank you gifts for every donation you make towards this outreach.God bless you.#smilewithoutworms2017 , #welfareoutreach , #medicaloutreac , #christmasoutreach , #humanitarian , #philanthropy , #service , #servants , #livingpurpose , #support , #donations , #donate , #gifts , #free .

Just another moonwalker (@doggone.girl) Instagram Profile Photodoggone.girl

Just another moonwalker

Michael The Humanitarian - On February 3, 1992, Mi 1671976579217327935

Michael The Humanitarian - On February 3, 1992, Michael announces the creation of "Heal The World Foundation" during a press conference at the New York Radio City Music Hall, the mission of the foundation being that to provide rescue to world-wide children; protection against abuse; caregiving; delivering medicines for children and fight world hunger, as well as to convey awareness on children’s rights and necessities, and improve world’s life standards.•This is ‘Heal the world’ in his own words in an audio interview at his Neverland Ranch (sorry not sure about the occasion..)•#michaeljackson#michaeljosephjackson#michaeljoejackson#kingofpop#mj#mjj#mjfan#mjfam#mjfamily#moonwalker#moonwalkers#applehead#humanitarian@parisjackson@princejackson

Ada Ora (@ada___ada) Instagram Profile Photoada___ada

Ada Ora


Boo got that!Sorry, we missed most part of his beautiful speech.I love you baby!#humanitarian#korfoundation#stanforpresident