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Helsa Sharfina 寶寨 (@mshelsafina) Instagram Profile Photomshelsafina

Helsa Sharfina 寶寨

Although today marks the final day of the #16daysof activism,we must continue to take action to end violence against women and girls everyday. #orangetheworld#throwback#mondaysewaktu saya mendapat kesempatan menyuarakan pendapat saya mengenai hak2 perempuan dan bertemu banyak perempuan yang menginspirasi dan berbagi cerita bersama.To take a stand against gender-based violence. How do you plan to take stand?Comment below!!!...#unwomen#heforshe#genderequality#orangetheworld#whoruntheworld#ilooklikeapolitician#unitednations#modelunitednations#diplomatlife#diplomatstyle#diplomatwomantobe#internationalcommunication#internationalrelations#womeninpr#publicrelations

ELISE SCOTT (@elisenicolescott) Instagram Profile Photoelisenicolescott


YWCA UtahReportShareDownload024

I get so excited when my friends do great thingsTinesha is the best speaker I know and she blew me away at a recent #heforsheevent. Can’t wait for her to be President 🇺🇸

Karla Perdomo (@karla_barberette) Instagram Profile Photokarla_barberette

Karla Perdomo

“Anyone can slay a dragon, he told me, but try wak 1669218426960243753

“Anyone can slay a dragon, he told me, but try waking up every morning and loving the world all over again. That’s what takes a real hero.” Sometimes I have to find ways to remind myself that life isn’t always going to be perfect and there’s something’s I have no control over. But, we just have to get through the tough times whether it’s a big tough time or a small one, they mold us and makes stronger. Each lesson prepares you for what’s to come the next few decades. Life. It’ll come with a bunch of curve balls. You can catch them if you just watch close enough ;) mold yourself to be strong. Be a soldier(I lack it myself but I’m working on it)#neworleansbarberI will be at the shop all week book in advance.

Ty Shaffer (@tyshafferdesign) Instagram Profile Phototyshafferdesign

Ty Shaffer

 sound it out 1669209701081743223

sound it out

Tit Planet™ (@titplanett) Instagram Profile Phototitplanett

Tit Planet™

(3/9) WOMEN IN STEMZoom to read about her!What a 1669180975533598518

(3/9) WOMEN IN STEMZoom to read about her!What a fucking queen tho. FIRST PERSON TO CREATE A COMPUTER PROGRAM.Art by: Rachel Ignotofsky

Tit Planet™ (@titplanett) Instagram Profile Phototitplanett

Tit Planet™

(2/9) WOMEN IN STEMZoom in to read about them!Cr 1669179644446132132

(2/9) WOMEN IN STEMZoom in to read about them!Credit: Rachel Ignotofsky

The Female Quotient (@wearetfq) Instagram Profile Photowearetfq

The Female Quotient

#midweekmotivation Modern feMENism must include me 1669176584852420891

#midweekmotivationModern feMENism must include men! ️ #weforwe#heforshe#bettertogether#femenism