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Lauren Edwards (@laurenedwardspt) Instagram Profile Photolaurenedwardspt

Lauren Edwards

January 2018 is fast approaching. New year, new mo 1669764443252057882

January 2018 is fast approaching. New year, new month, new goals and challenges.Most people make resolutions for January 1st. Most people also don’t stick to their resolutions, or in some cases even start.Last year, I committed to a healthier and happier New Year. I was scared to call it a resolution because I’d never stuck to any before. I was so anxious actually, that I started my “resolution” on December 28th. I wanted to jump in right away before I changed my mind or lost my motivation!I started that day with my first Beachbody workout ever, Cardio from Focus T25. It was SO hard I had to stop twice just to catch my breath, and it was only 25 minutes. But I didn’t let it stop me. I pushed play every single day for the next month. Even when I didn’t want to. Even when all I wanted to do was watch Netflix on the couch. I pressed play every day until it became a habit. It was no longer a choice or a chore, it was just something I did after work for me.Are you making any resolutions for 2018? Or maybe you’re like me and are nervous to call them resolutions, but want to make some changes? If you want to make a change with your health and fitness, let’s chat! I’ve got all the tools you need to be successful. If I can stick to it, ANYONE can.As an added incentive, I’m giving anyone who signs up for a Challenge Pack by December 31st a holiday gift - something that really helped me on my health and fitness journey when I first started. Trust me, it’s better than a magic potion or pixie dust

• All Things Chiropractic • (@championswellnesswc) Instagram Profile Photochampionswellnesswc

• All Things Chiropractic •

Make sure you are stretching while you work! 1669764483265284182

Make sure you are stretching while you work!

Natures Energy (@naturesenergyne) Instagram Profile Photonaturesenergyne

Natures Energy

Eating a healthy diet is important, but you still1669763825966837116

Eating a healthy diet is important, but you still may be lacking critical vitamins and minerals. Give your body a boost with Natures Energy!

Samantha C Hoppen (@sammiifit) Instagram Profile Photosammiifit

Samantha C Hoppen

C🥐AR🥖B🥞S—————-When most people think of carbs (a 1669763409314084665

C🥐AR🥖B🥞S—————-When most people think of carbs (and I’m talking from bread products, not veggie carbs) they automatically think off limits in regards to “health” and “fitness” ———-This is SO WRONG! And it creates this dialogue in our minds that there are good foods and bad foods. But, having the idea of ‘bad foods’ can also lead to an unhealthy relationship with food.So, I personally am trying to rid myself from these thoughts about certain foods being off limits for me.———-Bagels are not the enemy, pasta is not the enemy, donuts are not the enemy. It’s portion control and self discipline that matters most with these things. ———-I believe heavily in everything in moderation. And it is ok to enjoy these things in balance. ————Don’t be afraid to eat bagels!That’s all I’m trying to say 🤷‍️ #bagels #balance #everythinginmoderation #carbsarelife

Rosalyne Arceneaux (@balancingessentials) Instagram Profile Photobalancingessentials

Rosalyne Arceneaux

How does one do it all?? Not possible. BUT having1669232090276155081

How does one do it all?? Not possible. BUT having a few non-negotiables that you hold fast to are a big win! For me — time with God, investing in our marriage, work lol, connecting with friends + our church community, and fitness. My workouts may not be as long or every single day, but definitely a priority that will not get skipped as time passes..A few recommendations //1)Find a gym CLOSE to your house. Doesn’t need to be fancy or a specialty gym, just somewhere you can learn & get moving. But the closer the better — drive past it to/from work, hard to say no to that!2)Start w/ a small goal but still challenge yourself! You don’t need to be at the gym for 1-2hours a day. You can plan a 30 minute workout & absolutely kill it! Your body will thank you & so will your schedule.3)Fuel yourself well before a workout — when your body is well fed & ready to go, your workout will actually feel good + doable!!4)Find a good album & jammm aka Taylor Swift for days5)Finish with protein and/or amino acids to help your muscles recover & rebuild.And friendly reminder... your fitness journey is YOUR fitness journey — you can walk confidently in the gym because you can own this! We are called to take care of & steward our bodies... walk with your head held high cuz this is who God has made you to be ️ There is noooo shame in showing up for the first time, maybe even failing. We usually all fail here & there! Am I right?! Let’s do this