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Oof welp bye-#hannieisreal#haydensummerall#annieleblanc•The question is, is she going or not maybe just to one just to suprise him•

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Hannie Fanfics


Chapter 16Annie’s POV:I wake up with pain on every inch of my body, then I realize that I was still on the ground. I quickly get up trying not to hurt myself and go clean myself up in my bathroom. I rapped a bandage around my stomach and my arm, because that’s where all the cuts are. I try not to look in the mirror but I can’t help it. I had small cuts and bruises all over my face, so I covered them all up with makeup, and changed into my pyjamas. I slowly walk downstairs as see Caleb and Hayley sitting there eating.C: Hey Ans! Why are you home early?A: I..... Didn’t feel good so I came home and took a nap.C: are you lying to me?A: nope. But I feel better now.C: well, just go get some rest, ok?A: ok.H$: Wait!A: yes?H$: Never mind.A: okay?I walk upstairs into my room, and as soon as my head touches the pillow, I fall asleep. *Morning And still Annie’s point of view.I woke up feeling worse than yesterday. I roll out of bed and change into the tightest dress I had with vans, did my hair nicely, and wore tons of makeup (swipe) because of operation act like a bad girl so Hayden will stay away from you. What bull shit! I ran downstairs trying to forget the pain, but any movement makes me want to cry. When I go downstairs I see my whole family looking so happy, I wish I could too.MK: Good morning Annie!!A: hey mom.MK: you’re going to be late so just grab a donut.A: k. bye guys!C+H$+MK: Bye!! I grab my keys, jump in my Tesla, and drive to hell.---There is going to be so much hannie in the next chapter #hannie#hanniefanfic#hanniefanfics#hanniefanfiction#hanniefanfictions#hannieisreal#hannieisrealparty#hannieisrising#annieleblanc#haydensummerall

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PerfectC32Annie’s POVKenzie and Jayden got to my house and like any sleepover we started off by binge watching Stranger Things and stuffing our faces full of candy.Hayley and Jayden feel asleep and Kenzie said she had to talk to me this can’t go wellA: so what’s upK: Annie you gotta stop being mad at HaydenA: and you’re point isK: look it’s Hayden’s last week and do you really want to spend it hating him?A........K: see you love him you’re just upset that he didn’t tell you that he was leaving earlierA: yeah but why didn’t he tell me earlierK: because he was scared you would just stop talking to him stop loving him and just shut him outA: and why would he think thatK: do you see how you are handling the situation right nowA:........K: you really need to talk to himA: fine I’ll talk to him tomorrow.A: you happy1!!1!1!K: very happy thank you for askingA: ugh whateverAnnie’s POVWe went back to my room and when we got there Jayden was awakeJ: hey Annie can I talk to youA: yeah sure about what?J: can we talk somewhere that’s not hereA: yeah let’s go*goes to an other room*A: so what do you wanna talk about?J: so I’ve been thinkingA: about?J: the fact that I’m following Hayden around and never leaving you two alone. I I realized that is very wrong of me. The other thing is that I never really like Hayden I was just jealous of the way Hayden treated you. I wanted someone that treated me like thatA: awww Jayden I’m sure we can find you a boyJ: well there already might be oneA: OMG!!! WHO???J: god calm down AnnieA: sorryJ: it’s......./———————————————-/ who do you think it is? And comment for more/————————————————/ #hanniefanfiction#bratayleyfanfiction#hanniefanficstions#hanniefanfics#annieleblanc#haydensummerall#hannie#hannieisreal#hannieisrising#hanniewillrise#hannieisstillalive

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Sofia Ramirez😁

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I hope everything turns out ok I just wanted hannie to be real honestly everyone is throwing hate to this human and no will stick up for him so I will #hannie#hanniearmywillrise#hannieisreal#staystronghayden#hanniearmy#weloveyouhayden#staystronghayden#annieleblanc#haydensummerall#purpleheartsfromhayden#


Are y'all here for Syd and Annie's ring or Jayden and Annie's ring?! Or both. ••#hannie#hannieisreal#jaynnie#jaynniering#sydnastical#sannie#annieleblanc#hayleyleblanc#bratayley#chickengirls

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