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None Of These Are Real (@bratayley_fan.fictions) Instagram Profile Photobratayley_fan.fictions

None Of These Are Real


Chapter 7)) ~the next day~Maybe I should but I can’t I can’t break up with him I’m just... too scared about the consequences maybe I should talk to Katie yeah that’s what I’ll do.... but before I have the chance I get a call from her.... I answer itA(annie)- hiK(Katie)- hey... a: what’s upK: I just wanted to say sorry for being such a jerk to you on the first day and I didn’t mean to make it seem like that I just don’t want Brennan and you to break up because of Haydencause y’all are goallllssssA: but Katie I don’t knowK: about what?A: hayden.... k: what do you meanA: he’s being weird and he’s texting me saying he needs to tell me something but then he says I kinda then I asked him what then he just put a whole bunch of random lettersK: are you my friend stillA: yeah of courseK: okay goodA: what do you think he needs to tell meK: I don’t know but I think it might be that he likes youA: no he doesn’t and I know that for a fact plus he really likes Arden he posted it all over InstagramK: but does he really anymore? I talk to Arden all the time and she keeps rejecting himA: but he really li-K: do you like him?A: I don’t knowK: AnnieA: no, maybe, a little , a bit , a tiny little bitK: what about Brennan you can’t just break up with him after two yearsA: yeah I know... could you maybe text Hayden and ask him if he likes me.?K: okay I will after dinner byeShe hangs upShe better not tell Brennan... or I’m going to be angryI wanna know so bad about what it is, I kinda sorta maybe hope it’s that he likes me but I doubt it I sit on my floor then I think about how he told me he would tell me when I talk to him next so maybe I should text him! ((( swipe 2 times for texts )))Ugh I hate him sometimes but that is awesome that I literally met him and I never even remembered and how we became good friends and we were just strangers in Hawaii and the only OMG holy shoot he was the hot boy who talked to me on the beach he looks so different with only swim trunks on holy... wait did I just call him hot......

hannie (@hannieeditzzz) Instagram Photo

Annie felt that the live stream that sophia put up was not necessary and to take it down the live stream was one if haydens friends tekking the world thst hannie is real becsusebhayden gave her the permission to #hanniegossip#hannieisdead#hannieinhawaii#hanniekissed#hanniefanfic#hanniefakeedits#gossip# #purpleheartsfromhayden#hannie4life#haydensummerall# #couplegoals#hanniegoals#hanniesnapchat#hannieinstagram#hannielivestream#spilledgossip#haydenkissedannie#didyounotice#100likes#like4like@annieleblanc@haydensummerall@itssnowhimself

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