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Pretty Little Liars - @pllxrosewood Instagram Accountpllxrosewood

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars - @pllxrosewood Instagram Photo

| 7x18 |—”choose or lose”—they’re both so beautiful in the morning & every other time of daythey’re even more beautiful when they’re together!like, look at Ali’s smile though.stunning.I’m so glad that emison was endgame.out of all the ships, I feel they deserved it the most.we literally didn’t even get to see them together until the very end.I really hope we will see a flashback of the wedding in The Perfectionists!btw for anyone who hasn’t already done so: please, please, please, check out the link in my bio!there’s a really cool app there & I need as many of you guys to check it out as’s really important to me, so please just spare 2 minutes of your time to help!—q: last song you listened to? [“new rules” by dua lipa]—love ya,aly

Pretty Little Liars - @whichliar Instagram Accountwhichliar

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars - @whichliar Instagram Photo

-—which liar looks best in floral?——a: Aria & Spencer.b: Aria & Alison.——“Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your burdens.”——current mood - relaxed.current obsession - making money.——fc: 10,365——New York - November 17 - 11:54pmAustralia - November 18 - 3:24pm——Aly—#pll#prettylittleliars#whichliar

@cutedilaurentis Instagram Photo

.— heartbreaksimple + meaningfulac: myselfdt: spoby grpand peyton

Charlotte ✩ fcp + ae - @totallyemison Instagram Accounttotallyemison

Charlotte ✩ fcp + ae

Charlotte ✩ fcp + ae - @totallyemison Instagram Photo

This is the audio from my recent edit without voiceovers bc it was requested by some people ️

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