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Mimi 🗝 - @hollywoodnecromancer Instagram Photo

My favorite photos of myself are those that feature a dead celebrity and the back of my headdo you know who’s in there?

hobby is my live - @hobbyismylive Instagram Accounthobbyismylive

hobby is my live

hobby is my live - @hobbyismylive Instagram Photo

Opserwujcie! Wielka dawka rysunków! #rysowanie #halloween #szkoła

Mimi 🗝 - @hollywoodnecromancer Instagram Photo

Had a picnic with Virginia yesterday. Virginia Rappe was an actress and the center of the first major Hollywood scandal. She died during a party thrown by actor Fatty Arbuckle and his friends at the St Francis Hotel in 1921. Fatty found Virginia squirming and moaning in his hotel room after a few drinks, and tried to help, but his efforts were too little too late. Virginia’s friend, the publicity-seeking Maude Delmont who was also at the party (and had left Virginia alone to go have sex with another partygoer), claimed that Fatty raped Virginia, and she died by being crushed to death under his weight, but Virginia most likely died from the combination of alcohol and a botched abortion a few days earlier. Regardless, Fatty’s career was just about over after the case was taken to court three times.

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