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Tatiana Azan

Honestly, I didn’t want to go to the gym today. I1668511688061623717

Honestly, I didn’t want to go to the gym today. I really didn’t even want to go to class today. I wanted to sleep allllll day, but I got up and did what I needed to do. ‍️🤗 ••My biceps feel so full right now and my shoulders are already sore, so tomorrow is going to be fun🤷‍️ (Also this is my first post in like four days bc I’ve actually been able to take a pic heyoooo) ••Recently my phone has been acting out of whack. It likes to autocorrect the word “it” to “I.t” all of a sudden and it’s DRIVING ME BONKERSSSS. My phone also pulled the stunt where I.t deleted all of my pictures magically and then redownload them... like.. @appleWHAT IS GOIN ONNNN??? Life is whack rn but the physical and mental gains are real so I’m cool w it••Cannot wait for winter break in a week bc ya girl gets to go to Antigua and get all brown and crispy (sorry for all the randomness in this post just catching everyone up) Oh and I’ve just been eating how I please and my body is reacting very well to it and I couldn’t be happier🦄••FDL10% - doitforthegains

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Gigi Kaur

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone ️ 1668511113534267175

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone ️

perma-bruise from doing powercleans won’t stop me1668511520021927973

perma-bruise from doing powercleans won’t stop me from taking selfies

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Snap Fitness Orange NSW

COME BACK TO SNAPAre you an ex-member??Looking1668511799823990906

COME BACK TO SNAPAre you an ex-member??Looking for a gym??Still have your access card come in and get started TODAY $0 JOINING FEENO membership fees until 1st Feb 2018Join with a BUDDY + receive an 2 weeks FREE EACH!Call us on 0459 628 222 to SECURE the offer!#snaporange#snap#orange#2800#fitness#snapfitness#snapmembers#bigo#special#sale#deal#gymlife#summer#summerbodie

When your the only one that lift in your company s 1668510580438504403

When your the only one that lift in your company so it alway empty and I can do all this extra shit......#gymlife#goldenaesthetics#goldenera#aesthetic#arms#chestday#bodybuilding#gainz#bulking#postoftheday#fatseason#eatclean#igfitness

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Breanna Renee


Okay guys here are two of my favorite leg day workouts- l did this superset at the end of my workout and my legs were on fireeeeeALSO, you can do a ton of different variations with these, you can use a barbell, easy bar, dumbbells, or just body weight. You can also change your stance on the lunge to target either your hamstrings or quads more. You can change your stance in the second video to put more tension on either your hamstrings or glutes. I love workouts like these because you can switch it up. This week I started my first cut (very gradual) and my rep range is consisting of 10-12 reps per set x 5-7 sets. So here I did 10 lunges on each side and 10 RDL's. I love these two workouts and encourage everyone to try them!! (Also you don't have to superset them together either-just another kind of variation I like to do) Btw I'm not a certified expert or anything, everything I share gym wise just comes from personal experience! -Also I'm obsessed with the pants I'm wearing by @celestialbodiez, let me tell ya they are comfy, warm, and flattering. I've been wanting to try them out forever and finally made myself get a pair, and I don't regret it one bit. These are the low rise charcoal booty scrunch-This week is finals week for a lot of people, and you know how professors love to squeeze in every type of assignment and material they can before the semester ends, so I haven't had much time to meal prep butttt @activenutrition's supplements have been making it easier for me to stay on track! They have a ton of healthy snacks that are macro friendly, and inexpensive! Don't let finals/a busy schedule keep you from maintaining a healthy diet. Plus you save 20% using me as a referral on your purchase-I think that's the end of my rant for today.. happy Tuesday everybody!!!-------#activenutrition#celestialbodiez#24hourfitness#fitness#gym#legday#booty#lunges#gymtime#physique#strength#workout#fitfam#trainhard#fitnessbody#fitnessjourney#workoutmotivation#weightlifting#healthylifestyle#preworkout#gymlife

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Dinner Time with some friends.Have you looked at 1668511736942441250

Dinner Time with some friends.Have you looked at our Stacks section on the website?It is flush with deals that can be combined with discounts like INSTA10 for an additional 10% off.What are you waiting for?!? Live Purely.Purbolics.