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Germanshepherdsz - @germanshepherdsz Instagram Profile Photogermanshepherdsz


Germanshepherdsz - @germanshepherdsz Instagram Photo

Following on from my previous post... this is the dog part of the duo!.Please follow my friend @georgiandpaulito welcome them to Instagram!.As per my previous post, in 24hrs I will pick 3 of my kind followers who chose to follow @georgiandpauliand those accounts will win a shoutout!.The best comment on their posts will win a shoutout too. Let's show some love to them friends 🤗🤗...Please follow me: @germanshepherdszVia: @the_island_dog

Dee Fine - @deefine27 Instagram Profile Photodeefine27

Dee Fine

Dee Fine - @deefine27 Instagram Photo

Always in the middle of the action!

Go media

Went on an adventure in the mountains today. My first encounter with snow... I looove it! ️

Atlas the German Shepherd - @goodboyatlas Instagram Profile Photogoodboyatlas

Atlas the German Shepherd

Atlas the German Shepherd - @goodboyatlas Instagram Photo
West JavaReportShareDownload15

Any other GSD families out there have trouble with a low appetite? Ever since Atlas got sick two months ago (babesiosis) our giant fur baby has lost interest in food. We feed him Acana and Taste of the Wild and before he got sick he loved it. Now it’s a struggle to get him to finish his minimum 4 cups/day. He’s quite slender and active. Huge drive for playing fetch. Would really appreciate any advice or insight! 🤔

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