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STUDIOLAUBE (@_studiolaube_) Instagram Profile Photo_studiolaube_


Nicht klein zu kriegen ! Vielleicht konserviert di 1669429075428339747

I got in to work quite early this morning, expecting another super toasty day (and wanting to beat it's bite) but it didn't come to fruition. Whilst I LOVE the heat, I was pretty grateful for the overcast weather and the wind. Too tired today to bask in sun glory. So basically, I got stuff doneThere's been quite a lot of progress since I last added photos. A lot of sweaty stuff has been going on. Building. Today I actually got to plant some stuff so fingers crossed the gods of evil people direct them elsewhere over the next few months...cause I've got food and plants to grow and I'd like that to be hassle and tear and anger freeThat's what I want for Christmas, ! Today I whacked in Sweet Corn (donated by Biodynamic Farmer Ian Onley), Climbing beans (grown and collected by the school kids), Japanese Squash (donated by Dan Caffrey), Zucchini, Carrots, Sage, Cos Lettuce, Cucumber, Parsnip, Nasturtium, Tommy Toe Tomatoes and Tomato varieties 'Eden', 'Burnley' and 'Low Acidic Yellow' (germinated and grown to seedlings by Deanne Hammer). Ian, Dan and Deanne all being members of Cowwarr Community Garden. So thanking that great group of folk for their wonderful contributions!#gippslandgrowers#lovegippsland#gippslanddoesitbest#supportlocalgippsland#inspiredbygippsland#visitgippsland   #ourlv#mylv#gippslandia#proudgippslandian#whatsongippsland#whatsoningippsland#wanderlustgippsland#discovergippsland#discoverpromandbeyond#exploregippsland#awesome_gippsland#latrobecityfoodnetwork#latrobevalley#gippsland   #getyourarsetogippsland#ig_discover_australia#australiagram#ig_australia#exploringaustralia#amazing_australia#everydayaustralia#thehappygardeninglife  #hugelkultur

NAAK • Botanical Studio 🌿 (@naak.kaapstad) Instagram Profile Photonaak.kaapstad

NAAK • Botanical Studio 🌿

Ceramic wall hanging disc with a string of beads1669427855295135279

Ceramic wall hanging disc with a string of beads°°°°Made in collaboration with the amazing @munnike.°°°°Another part of the Allan Gray installation

Reggie Ray (@cityxxofxxroses) Instagram Profile Photocityxxofxxroses

Reggie Ray

From seed, root, flower, I'm lost in your spell..1669428489450671408
Chloe Thacker (@chlochlo5) Instagram Profile Photochlochlo5

Chloe Thacker

So proud of this Orchid for blooming after 2 years 1669427260779071000

So proud of this Orchid for blooming after 2 years!!! #greenthumb