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Lucas Teles (@lucastelesiii) Instagram Profile Photolucastelesiii

Lucas Teles

Instagram Photo taken by lucastelesiii 1670504199375763918
messy boredom sketches of some animal skulls i did 1670502932720954349

messy boredom sketches of some animal skulls i did last night (or should i say morning bc it was 2am) also i wanna say that i feel like u can draw animal skulls and horribly fuck them up but it will still look cool... also the the one out of this i was most surprised by was the rat skull they look so funny n their bottom incisors are so looooong.....#drawing#graphite#skull

Olivia Curry (@dream_nectar) Instagram Profile Photodream_nectar

Olivia Curry

Baseti Concept (Artwork by Olivia Curry)Released 1670502903537674834

Baseti Concept (Artwork by Olivia Curry)Released from the N33:7:11 inner holding (captivity) on Nibiru.Baseti left for Sirius C to grow special mushrooms to send to earth.Baseti has worked with fungi entities before in a symbiotic way and knows their subtle power.After the Nibiru council got out of control with their involvement with Earth, Baseti decided to be discreet in waking up the humans of Earth.Baseti opposed the Nibiru council's agenda that is why Baseti went into holding.During Baseti's time on Sirius C there was contact made through to a young hybrid reptilian from Rigel who was just on Earth.His name was Ruku and he was using hyper dimensional telepathy through the Earth dream cortex over into a human named Eva who ingested Baseti's mushrooms.It was more of a practice for Ruku to do this but he had no clue Baseti would make contact with him through the mushrooms that were ingested by Eva.After discovering the mushroom's ET strain was from Sirius C,Ruku linked with the human's mind to link to the strain's origins and made contact with Baseti.Baseti had already been to the mycelium's Core network and opened up an interface to communicate with Ruku.Only problem is Eva is well aware of the holographic interface.Ruku isn't a master just yet on Mayan programming... So his ability to create an illusion/hallucination was glitchy to say the lease.Eva's third eye was well exercised,which is good to know on Baseti's end.#baseti#sketch#mushroom#sirian#catbeing#felinoid#scifiart#concept#graphite#art#dreamnectar#oliviacurryart#maya#programming#dreams#psychdelic