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Chris Forsyth

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Adding some depth to the backswing of @davidmc005resulted in a more appropriate delivery for the desired draw. #golf#golfcoach#golfcoaching#golfswing#golflesson#golfer#golfplayer

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C L A U D I A 💋

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🤔 According to @mytpiroughly 65% of amateur golfers early extend during the downswing. Wonder what that looks like? Check out the first picture and how the hips come off the line during the downswing (sorry @bward_3).We often think the solution is hitting more balls and putting in more ⏱ on the range. Maybe? ‍️We take a different approach. What if how you move, your mobility, and stability are forcing you to early extend? We use the overhead squat (second picture) to help tell us the story of our golfers. There is a high correlation between being limited in this test and early extending in the golf swing. This is part of our TPI assessment process and helps us build a strategy to build the requisite movement quality in our golfers. 🦄 What’s your overhead squat look like? Don’t always assume the issue is technique driven... How you move is so important

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