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Tiare Moniz (@vahinetia) Instagram Profile Photovahinetia

Tiare Moniz


Tonight I attempted to reach my goal 135lbs. Started off with 65lbs, then worked my way up. I tried this 3x, and this last one felt heavy as shit. One day i'll be able to do this as my warm up. Until then, I gotta keep trying #goaldigging#strongereveryday

💞Battie💞 (@_getfitwithteena) Instagram Profile Photo_getfitwithteena


💞Battie💞 (@_getfitwithteena) Instagram Photo

Monday is always the hardest day for me but I have goals to reach so I must learn to tackle each day with no exceptions #getfitwithteena

Tiffany Deal (@trading_ashes_4_joy) Instagram Photo

When you’re pretty sure you broke your little toe (not even in a *cool* way... yesterday, while cleaning ), but are still determined to cook a healthy meal without standing on it for long, you get creative.Thankfully, most of my veggies were already pre-chopped & in the freezer.I know I will heal up soon, but until then, I’m determined to stay on-track & reach my goals despite this little setback! {Now, to find a creative way to do cardio for the next couple of weeks... Hm... 🤔}...#spaghettisquash#veggiepasta#italian#garlic#health#wellness#goaldigging#eatclean#eatyourveggies

Facial Bar & Acne Clinic (@skinphorea) Instagram Profile Photoskinphorea

Facial Bar & Acne Clinic

Facial Bar & Acne Clinic (@skinphorea) Instagram Photo

We open for the week on Wednesday! Schedule your facial treatment now at!

Haley Crawford (@haleycrawfordfitness) Instagram Profile Photohaleycrawfordfitness

Haley Crawford

Haley Crawford (@haleycrawfordfitness) Instagram Photo

Step up your lunge game with this variation of curtesy lunges. Grab weights that challenge you but are not too heavy so that you can’t complete all 10 reps each side without taking a break. The side leg lift will test your balance! Be sure to keep your core engaged to stay stable. If needed, briefly tap your foot on the ground.

Ms EKlass (@mseklass) Instagram Profile Photomseklass

Ms EKlass

Ms EKlass (@mseklass) Instagram Photo

Turning my dreams into plans! It's never too late to follow your dreams loves!Check out today's #klassychatvid on my Facebook page for a moment of transparency

Royal Kreationz (@royalkreationz6) Instagram Profile Photoroyalkreationz6

Royal Kreationz

Royal Kreationz (@royalkreationz6) Instagram Photo

Just out here trying to be the best me I can be 🤸‍️Never apologize or settle‍️Growthis Great ! Challenging but Great lol #goaldigging #goaldigger#royalkreationz #customteesandmore#smalbusiness#crafterslife #expanding#shesewstoo #etsysaler#weship#linkinbio

Haley Crawford (@haleycrawfordfitness) Instagram Profile Photohaleycrawfordfitness

Haley Crawford

Haley Crawford (@haleycrawfordfitness) Instagram Photo

I will breathe.I will think of solutions.I will not let my worry control me.I will not let my stress level break me.I will simply breathe, & it will be okay because I don’t quit.

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