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Ayo Omomogbe (@budaygha) Instagram Profile Photobudaygha

Ayo Omomogbe

@Regranned from @brittaniharrison -Continue to c 1670097413166943560

@regrannedfrom @brittaniharrison-Continue to crush your goals, be inspired and FUEL YOUR SOUL! All in all, do what you ⠀.⠀.⠀.⠀#goal#entrepreneurship#entrepreneur#business#work#love#believe#inspiration#nugget#innovation

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Social Investment Indonesia

Mendapatkan dukungan seluruh pekerja perusahaan—bu 1670100092058925576

Mendapatkan dukungan seluruh pekerja perusahaan—bukan hanya bagian tertentu—sangatlah esensial untuk keberhasilan investasi sosial. Setiap bagian memiliki peran masing-masing dalam menyukseskan investasi sosial.Dalam komunikasi dengan seluruh pemangku kepentingan, cerita tentang inisiatif, dilengkapi foto dan caption yang kuat, adalah komponen yang sangat penting.Peran donasi dan kesukarelawanan (volunteerism, terutama skilled volunteering) pekerja dalam investasi sosial sangat perlu didefinisikan, karena terdapat bukti-bukti bahwa mereka sangat ingin berpartisipasi.#socialinvestment#indonesia#sdgs#goal#training#2017#csr#photo#life#volunteerism

Photos OfThe BeautifulGame❤️⚽️ (@football_beautifulgame) Instagram Profile Photofootball_beautifulgame

Photos OfThe BeautifulGame❤️⚽️

Let it snow let it snow let it snow 1670099404731155314

Let it snow let it snow let it snow

Alysia Rieg (@ay_lee_see_yuh) Instagram Profile Photoay_lee_see_yuh

Alysia Rieg

2 months ago I decided to conquer a new goal. I di 1670091116996175313

2 months ago I decided to conquer a new goal. I didn’t realize it would be one of the hardest goals I’ve ever set for myself thus far. To make it harder for myself, I began my 1st day after just getting out of major surgery 2 wks & 4 days prior, still having trouble walking, many times in pain & tired & a week or so later doing it w/an internal post surgery infection. .In the beginning I would sit in class & wonder if this is really what I wanted to do. Then I went on my 1st call & decided this job is fun, exciting & it fulfills a purpose that helps others. Little did I know that I’d find myself in a world like no other, surrounded by people like no other. Selfless people who work long hours risking their lives to make the life of another better. .For 2 months I sat in class & out of work w/no income coming in Mon-Thurs from 8am-1230 then study w/classmates or on my own until late hours of the night. I struggled many times but I kept at it even when I was tired & felt defeated. I was determined not to fail although many times I thought I might. I don’t like to settle but was hopeful that if I could just pass w/an 80, even the lowest 80 I would be thankful..Today during our graduation & pinning ceremony I was the last to be called. As I walked up my paramedic instructor announced that I had graduated top of the class with the highest grade, I was completely shocked because my classmates were fierce. .I’m happy to announce that today, I graduated from my EMT class at the age of 44. .I want to share that if I can set a goal & go after it & crush it you can too! Let nothing stop you from becoming what you want to become, from doing what you want to do or from living the life you want to live. Make no excuses. Let not your age, your time, your finances, the doubt of others or even your own stop you from going after a goal, a dream. You get one life, make the most of it and live it on purpose!.I still have to take the National EMT exam before I'm a certified EMT. I’ll be taking the National exam w/in the coming week..My classmates @exyade@mrsreyes_@nickkyydees@juliancortes__@ryanfarrell5.#cantstop#wontstop#unstoppable#emt

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Harleydavid Oreilly