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You beauties have been asking about an updated "Bo 1669655058042965051

You beauties have been asking about an updated "Booty workout" focused mostly on glutes! I always listen to you babesRemember to think about the muscle while you are doing the exercise, picture the booty in your head and contract, contract and Contract!! I did 4 sets 12 repsSlow and controlled! Remember the video is sped up to fit in a minVideo by : @suse_urrutia#fitness#booty#glutes#workout#workoutmotivation#like4like#likeforlike#likeforfollow#gymprograms

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💎KATIE - B.S. • CSCS • Pilates

Using bits of off time here and there to improve t 1669806670371109200

Using bits of off time here and there to improve these hip flexors!Improving hip flexor flexibility will help glute engagement (contributing to stronger glutes- squat/deadlift/etc) and contributes to nice, tall posture!Place the foam roller horizontally along your low back, pull one knee to your chest and keeping the opposite leg straight. Hold for 30sec, 3x on each side.

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FizzUp 🌎

When it’s time to rest, does that drive you crazy? 1669807281801181051

When it’s time to rest, does that drive you crazy?Does it relax you? Does it bore you? ⠀⠀️During your workouts, between each set and block of exercises, you need the time you spend resting to give your heart a short break and let your breathing go back to normal.This gets the bloodflowing to your muscles and gives them enough oxygen to make up for the oxygen you used during exercise.⠀️You also need a time-out to regenerate your ATP ️ levels (the energy your muscles use in order to function) and restore muscle pH by eliminating lactic acid that forms during your workout.⠀️Remember, the time you spend resting serves a purpose: it cools you down ️ and gives you a short time to recover, which is vital if you want to continue your workout and finish it on a high note. ⠀⠀Take it from the FizzUp trainer: don’t skip your rest time! It positively impacts your muscle developmentso that you reach your goal in less time.⠀So many good reasons to take a breakduring your workout every time you get the chance!⠀⠀⠀#fizzup#fizzupyourlife#fitnesstraining#workout#exercise#kickback#glutes#legs#muscle#strong#strengthtraining#rest#recovery#resttime#breathing#muscledevelopment#musclegrowth#fitnesstrainer

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Jade Jaime💪🏼

Slow vs. Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibers...Our muscl 1669804501932304366

Slow vs. Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibers...Our muscles are made up of two different types of fibers; slow-twitch and fast-twitch. We are all born with a set number of each of these muscle fibers in any given muscle group. And surprise, surprise; every one of us has a completely unique muscle make-up!..S L O W -twitch fibers are responsible for longer and lower-intensity activities like walking. Any aerobic activity recruits these. Lifting high-reps at a low weight will also activate your slow-twitchies 🤸‍️F A S T -twitch fibers are responsible for shorter and higher-intensity activities such as Olympic weightlifting and sprinting. Lifting heavy weight at lower reps will also get the job done‍️..N O T E: It is extremely important to cross-train both of these fibers to be as balanced as possible. Your body’s first impulse is to recruit slow-twitch muscle but once you fatigue those fibers it has to recruit fast-twitch to complete the task. Find what works for Y O U..Fast-Twitch Exercises:•HEAVY Hip Abduction 4x8 (each variation)•Banded Jump Squat Knee Tuck 5x8...Enjoy Your Workout! #health#fit#fitness#nutrition#noexcuses#fitnessbyjade#personaltraining#motivation#inspiration#gym#gymshark#glutes#squat#jump#fast#gymmotivation#pt#gains#goals#follow#abs#core@gymshark@gymsharkwomen@beatsbydre

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✨Aspiring To Inspire✨

New leggings be like heyyy🤗 I’ll say my booty has1669806496030736423

New leggings be like heyyy🤗 I’ll say my booty has been way plumper than this but that’s not gonna stop me from posting . Remember we go through different stages in life 2017 has not been my year but that’s okaybecause self love comes in different ways and part of the journey is learning the curves of your road and learning from each stage of your life ! 2018 I’m coming for you but don’t think I’m just gonna pass this month by , I’m gonna keep doing me until the new year but I’ll say im looking forward to a fresh start and some gainssometimes we need that Monday & thatnew year . Whatever it may be always look for thelight at the end of the tunnel ️

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Mrs MB 💗

A couple of months off the weights and now back wi 1669806829770707434

A couple of months off the weights and now back with a vengeance! Arms, glutes and core after a gruelling hill sprint session Now pass me the refuel carbs! #thebodycoach#leanin15#ldnmuscle#ldnmbikiniguide#glutesworkout#glutes#girlswholift#legday#squats#gym#healthylifestyle#healthychoices