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fiona 🎐 - @kokofiona Instagram Profile Photokokofiona

fiona 🎐

fiona 🎐 - @kokofiona Instagram Photo


˗ˏˋ no longer in use ˎˊ˗ - @movedtopapcrplane Instagram Profile Photomovedtopapcrplane

˗ˏˋ no longer in use ˎˊ˗

˗ˏˋ no longer in use ˎˊ˗ - @movedtopapcrplane Instagram Photo

hello friends! unfortunately i think the time has come where i will no longer be using this account. i don’t want to leave forever, but i just won’t be posting anymore. i can never find the time to post because of the amount of work i have this year, it’s crazy. i’ll reply to dm’s but if you’d like to speak more pls message me on my spam @hixtapestan.follow it as well if you’d just like to keep in touch! this account means so much to me. i’ve had it for about five years already, and i have made endless memories on here. it used to be an ariana page, then a 5sos page, and now a kpop one lol. even though it’s full kpop now, ariana and all my other idols still mean the world to me. anyway, thank you guys so much for being there whenever i needed you. i can’t explain how much all of you have changed my life. i will miss this account so much. feel free to unfollow this acc. my other feed page will be @papcrplane! i will use it once i have enough time. i would post on here but this account is inactive and everybody already forgot about me haha. besides all of that, i love you so much. thank you thank you thank you. as always, dm me if you’d like to be friends. don’t be shy i promise im not mean.

christina - @gomezpuppy Instagram Profile Photogomezpuppy


christina - @gomezpuppy Instagram Photo
Ariana Grande ღ - @ariolasgranolaa Instagram Profile Photoariolasgranolaa

Ariana Grande ღ

Ariana Grande ღ - @ariolasgranolaa Instagram Photo

I love you little baby #riparya

I'm a birb named Alex ⋋(‘Θ’◍)⋌ - @arianasbird Instagram Profile Photoarianasbird

I'm a birb named Alex ⋋(‘Θ’◍)⋌

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Rest in peace Arya. You were the cutest dog I have ever seen. I fell in love with you as soon as I saw you. Yesterday I was thinking about how much you have grown and then this happened. I thought about how you would get your cast off and live normally. When I saw the title of Logan's vlog I thought it was a joke. I WISH IT WAS. I miss you Arya, I don't believe this happened. Please, come back, you were still so little, you were still just a little puppy.Rest in peace little angel I hope you are now happy in heaven #riparya

Videos Of Camila Cabello - @videocamila Instagram Profile Photovideocamila

Videos Of Camila Cabello

Videos Of Camila Cabello - @videocamila Instagram Photo

when 2 talented artists came to make this art cant believe its already 2 years ikwydls @camila_cabello#camilizers#camilacabello

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