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Arthur Fornes

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Course 178 ️️🇪🇸️ #ftejerez#flightschool#studentpilot#family

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Tom the pilot

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Whenever someone drives by with an aviation themed licence plate we all think 'Wow, I'd love to go for a pint with that guy!' and are left with nothing but adoration and respect as the Top Gun theme music they blare on repeat obnoxiously loud with the windows down, fades off to the distance...Obviously, spending a significant sum on such shameless public personal branding is symptomatic of a well rounded individual with an abundance of character and so much going on in their life that they negate the need to define themselves via what they do for a job in a desperate attempt to achieve an ounce of what they perceive to be social status...You know you will have made it as a tier 1 planecunt once you have purchased your first aviation themed licence plate and indulge in the real life equivalent of having the word 'pilot' in your instagram username. However, it is not as simple a transaction as is commonly thought for it comes alongside an intensive test of one's aerosexuality.To be deemed worthy to have such a badge of humiliation bestowed, alongside the tried and tested CTC tradition of surrendering a couple of grand of parent's cash upfront, one must uphold a 45 minute monologue about planes whilst sustaining a full erection in front of an A0 print out of Chelsea Sullenberger. If the candidate loses momentum in their speech or reverts to the flacidity of even a 3-quarter bone, they are deemed unworthy and ordered on a 45 mile urban hike, bollock naked after being drenched in 25 liters of golden syrup topped with a thin coating of Vegemite. Naturally, the cash is non-refundable...Have I told you I'm training to be a pilot? #planecunt..#avgeek  #avporn#ctcaviation  #l3airlineacademy  #pilot  #pilotlife  #aerosexual  #instagramaviation  #futurepilot  #l3cts  #planeporn  #studentpilotjourney  #pilotscareer  #pilotseye#plane#flying#pilottraining#cockpit#flightdeck#aviators#studentpilot#groundschool#aviation#easyjetcrew#flightschool#a320#atpl#oxfordaviationacademy#ftejerez

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Lucy Patrick-Warren

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Kevin Dolan

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Last day of Groundschool complete, a few more weeks and back to the skies ️ #ftejerez#groundschool#course169

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