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Kay Brandsma LaFrance (@kayblafrance) Instagram Profile Photokayblafrance

Kay Brandsma LaFrance

Nichola Povey (@nicholaxpx) Instagram Profile Photonicholaxpx

Nichola Povey

Nichola Povey (@nicholaxpx) Instagram Photo

I have the bestest friend in the whole entire world #justsayingyou are the strongest person I know and while that's a positive. That's your weakness. But I wouldn't change you for the world. #bestfriendsforlife#bestfriend#ingoodtimes#inbadtimes#always#forever#friendsforlife#loveyou#missyou@vikki_l_xxxxx

⚓Tasha Ollis⚓ (@tashashark) Instagram Profile Phototashashark

⚓Tasha Ollis⚓

⚓Tasha Ollis⚓ (@tashashark) Instagram Photo

It was the BEST getting to see you tonight, I missed you @dsalerno14

Nat (@motheroffivesons) Instagram Photo

I've spent each day this week doing some sort of treatment being poked and prodded (literally) all in the name of cancer. Today I wanted to just do me. Do some normal stuff such as breakfast at @barenakedbowlswith my fave @sarah.nunes.garbeto#friendsforlife#impromtucatchupsarethebest#keepingitrealallday

Mark 💎 Amos (@famusamos) Instagram Profile Photofamusamos

Mark 💎 Amos

Mark 💎 Amos (@famusamos) Instagram Photo

Absolute best friend and brother, haven’t seen him in almost two years! Sigh, talk everyday same way, always great to have a friend who on the same path as you. #bestfriend#friendsforlife

Nikola Janková (@niki_jankova) Instagram Profile Photoniki_jankova

Nikola Janková

Nikola Janková (@niki_jankova) Instagram Photo

Dneska jsem zase o rok starší.. A díky těmto dementům mám zase minimálně o dva roky ten život prodlouženej..A co víc si přát ️🤷‍️ #kdyžjemiluješnenícořešit#parta#kamosizavsechnyprachy#děkujuzavšechno#23#friends#friendsforlife

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