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Ivan Cordero (@ivanncordero) Instagram Profile Photoivanncordero

Ivan Cordero

Un poco del viernes pasado #party #team #friends 1672698390583295661

Un poco del viernes pasado #party#team#friends

It's a common misconception that once we become mo 1672698385172625011

It's a common misconception that once we become mommies, we can forge friendships with other mommies. These are people who have similiar circumstances and can relate to us, right? Yes and no. What most mommies fail to understand is, other mommies are going through similiar experiences and may be unable to invest in such relationships. Forging friendships with other mommies is a trap that you should avoid. Go ahead and keep your old friends, you'll be surprised on who's interested in your life, even if they can't relate. It's usually the people you'd least expect#mommyandme#mommy#baby#friends

La Feminite❤|Онлайн-шоурум (@showroom_lafeminite) Instagram Profile Photoshowroom_lafeminite

La Feminite❤|Онлайн-шоурум

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