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Rafia Kanji - @nutsaboutit Instagram Profile Photonutsaboutit

Rafia Kanji

Tamara Wilson - @thetasteinstigator Instagram Profile Photothetasteinstigator

Tamara Wilson

Tamara Wilson - @thetasteinstigator Instagram Photo

A Quiet PostThe first song I was ever inspired to write:“Where is the silence, where is the quiet? Where is the silence…where is the quiet? Have you seen lady solitary…I don’t know where the sweet lady could be. Momma solitary hurry back – you left in the snow and I can’t find your tracks”… OK, I need to have a serious word with you.  My fellow travelers. My fellow adventure seekers. Food hunters. Gypset's, nomads and the location independent. All of you. I love travel. It doesn't matter if it's a three hour train trip across the state or a day and a half flight.However, there is a travel challenge I find it really hard to get past. This particular travel challenge always seems to find me. I'm talking about the unwanted travel sounds. The noise.I see other travelers enjoying their podcasts or music piped into their ears vie earbuds. As much as I enjoy those same audio diversions I can't always listen to them. Most of the time I just want to hear quiet.Sometimes what drives me to distraction is a loud conversation. You know when two people next to you are trying to talk over a loud airplane engine? Feel me?Other times the pitch of a voice or the frenetic tempo at which someone speaks is what does me in.Much like you, I travel to see, hear, taste, and touch. I want to engage all of my senses. That's all part of the adventure. But here's the thing, I dont and I can't travel without earplugs. Because the truth is some things I encounter I will not want to hear for longer than a minute and a half.That's where earplugs come-in. This is how I preserve my sanity and the quality of my travel experience. Earplugs. I don't leave home without them.Secretly, I've always thought that I was a 'misdirected monk' due to my love of silence. I have a fellow 'misdirected monk' here in my feed. You know who you are

Cynthia Nguyen / Pinch Of Chic - @cynthyeah Instagram Profile Photocynthyeah

Cynthia Nguyen / Pinch Of Chic

Cynthia Nguyen / Pinch Of Chic - @cynthyeah Instagram Photo
El AlmacenReportShareDownload385

probably the best huevos ranches and empanadas i’ve ever tasted in toronto.____@elalmacenyerbamatecafe

Comino - @cominofoodstories Instagram Photo

How many pictures can I post of the kampachi crudo at Basta before everyone knows it’s my ultra favorite| #jimenadreamsofcrudo

Chloe Ellen - @ninegrandstudent Instagram Profile Photoninegrandstudent

Chloe Ellen

Chloe Ellen - @ninegrandstudent Instagram Photo

It's been a goooood weekend. From the AEG Christmas Cooking event and Taste London yesterday, to afternoon tea with one of my besties today - I feel like I've been constantly eating yummy things (sign of a good weekend!). I'm rounding it off with a hot chocolate, the last of our homemade marshmallows and a good book#hotchocolate#hotchocolateandmarshmallow#homemade#marshmallow#darkfoodphotography#foodandflatlay#comfortfood#whatsonmyplate#platedpics#scrumptiouskitchen#chefmode#beautifulcuisines#thefeedfeed#foodforthesoul#mycommontable#savorthejourney#foodstories#forkfeed#makeitdelicious#eatnowplaylater#lifeandthyme#tastingtable#storyofmytable#heresmyfood#lickyourphone#foodvsco#foodlikewoah#doitfortheaesthetic#forkyeah#fdbloggers

James Joyce - @jamesjoycenapoli Instagram Profile Photojamesjoycenapoli

James Joyce

James Joyce - @jamesjoycenapoli Instagram Photo
James joyceReportShareDownload229

Questa sera vi presentiamo due dei nostri whisky tradizionali.Vi chiederete come mai li definiamo tradizionali,nonostante siano di origine giapponese... #nikkawhiskyè stata fondata da #masatakataketsuruil quale sin dalla giovane età studiò e lavorò in scozia dove apprese le migliori tecniche di produzione dello #scotchwhisky ,per poi fondare nel 1934 la sua distilleria. @jamesjoycenapoli@nikkawhiskyusa@nikkawhiskyeu@japan_whisky

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Gola TaperiaReportShareDownload419

Gola TaperiaCarrer de Tordera, 33 ¡Nuevo descubrimiento en el barrio de Gracia!Os recomendamos este restaurante de tapas y platos italianos. Restaurante muy acogedor y con un trato muy bueno. A destacar: La espuma de crema parmentier, los calamares, las croquetas de puerro parmesano y trufa y los raviolis.

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