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Food Bank Surabaya (@gardapangan) Instagram Profile Photogardapangan

Food Bank Surabaya

Food Bank Surabaya (@gardapangan) Instagram Photo

TIPS MENGURANGI FOOD WASTE..Tahukah kamu bahwa temuan survey yang diadakan Garda Pangan di Surabaya adalah ternyata lebih banyak masyarakat yang cenderung membuang sampah makanan saat makan di luar dibanding saat makan di rumah. ..Sebanyak 60% responden yang makan di luar (kafe, warung, resto) cenderung meninggalkan sisa makanan, dan sebagian besar menyatakan bahwa alasan membuang makanan tersebut adalah karena porsi makanan yang terlalu besar...Nah, lain kali kalau kamu makan di luar, pertimbangkan hal-hal berikut ini saat memesan makanan ya: .1. Jika sekiranya porsi makananmu memang lebih sedikit, atau sedang tidak terlalu lapar, pesanlah makanan setengah porsi. .2. Alternatif lainnya adalah berbagi porsi dengan teman atau keluargamu yang ikut makan. Jadi 1 porsi untuk 2 atau 3 orang. .3. Kalau kamu makan di warteg atau warung padang, kamu bisa menunggui saat nasimu disendok, jadi kamu bisa meminta nasi sebanyak yang bisa kamu habiskan saja..4. Kalau sedang lapar, jangan terburu-buru memesan banyak makanan, karena biasanya kamu akan lebih impulsif. Coba pesan 1 porsi dulu, dan kalau masih lapar, kamu masih bisa pesan lagi!.5. Kalau masih sisa juga, coba minta untuk dibungkus. Jadi bisa kamu berikan pada orang atau hewan kesayanganmu di rumah. ..Yuk sama-sama jadi generasi yang respek terhadap makanan dan habiskan makananmu! ..Image by

BHHSA (@broken_hill_autism) Instagram Photo

I have my god you have yours. Cheeses Crust will resurrect one day to wreck havoc on all normie memes, and provide quiches to every Cheestian on earth. #preach#blessed#real#youhaveyourgodihavemine#believeinyourself#believe#foodcrisis

HDRI (@hdri__) Instagram Profile Photohdri__


HDRI (@hdri__) Instagram Photo

Embroiled in conflict for the past two years, Yemen is facing today a crisis of unparalleled proportions. In this country of about 28 million people, a total of 17 million Yemenis are food insecure. Moreover, nearly seven million people are on the brink of famine, and conditions are worsened by sporadic outbreaks of insidious infectious diseases such as Cholera..The immediate cause of this turn for the worst was Saudi Arabia’s blockade of Yemen’s land, air, and sea routes last week, brought upon by the firing of a ballistic missile on Riyadh’s airport. Aid workers from agencies such as the United Nations and Doctors without Borders are not being let into the country, nor are vital supplies of food and chlorine tablets, which prevent cholera..To learn more, read our latest article (link in bio).#humandevelopmentresearchinitiative #hdri #humanrights #yemen #crisis #freedom #war #hope #future #sdgs #peace #unitednations #cholera #foodcrisis #middleeast #againstwar

Salsify (@salsifyshows) Instagram Photo

The Very Hungry Chiccy by Sienna Jane... On Sunday, I ate through three eggs (depriving Mummy), five bits of toast (depriving Mummy), all the butter, all the marmalade and STILL I ask for "More eggy" and "More toast". (Now I've nicked Mummy's plate completely.) #hunger#hungrybaby#hungrycaterpillar#golarge#food#bromley#foodcrisis#sendsupplies

Business Connect (@bizconnectworld) Instagram Profile Photobizconnectworld

Business Connect

Business Connect (@bizconnectworld) Instagram Photo

Read more about what is happening at Business Connect on our Founder's Corner page. Words of inspiration and reflection from our founder, Lou Haveman.

Jackie Daytona (@jackiedaytona) Instagram Profile Photojackiedaytona

Jackie Daytona

Go media

Went to the CCCB to see their exhibit on climate change and prospective futures for our society. The exhibit was put together using both science and art and addressed the threat of climate change and the end of society as we know it (not that society will end, but that it will have to change drastically if climate change is not addressed). The most interesting part of the exhibit was the model of a London flat from the near future in which our food industry has collapsed due to climate change. In this hypothetical model of the future citizens are now forced to provide their own food, relying on alternative proteins such as grubs and growing their own produce using fogoponics, an alternative to hydroponics that relies on fog rather than liquid water. Out the window of the flat you can see futuristic London with signs of climate refugees and windmills, which were unfortunately too little too late to prevent the food crisis. The exhibits goal was to show us the damage that we are causing the planet, what it might mean for future generations, and remind us that we have the power to make a choice right now which future we’d like for our planet and our species. Number 23 on the BarcelonaSAE Bucket List. ..#climacccb#climatecccd#climatechange#foodcrisis#barcelona#barcelonasae#barcelonabucketlist

Food Bank Surabaya (@gardapangan) Instagram Profile Photogardapangan

Food Bank Surabaya

Go media

#surveygardapanganBag 4:Kami juga menanyakan pola pembuangan sampah pada mereka yang melakukan belanja bahan makanan basah..Hasil survey menunjukkan bahwa sebanyak 89% responden menghasilkan sampah dari bahan makanan yang tidak terpakai.Jumlah rata-rata sampah makanan yang dihasilkan adalah 19% dari bahan makanan basah yang dibelanjakan, dan 52%-nya langsung membuang bahan makanan tersebut tanpa disalurkan ulang atau didaur ulang..Sebagian besar responden (44%) menyatakan bahwa alasan membuang makanan tersebut adalah karena biasanya terdapat bahan makanan yang terlupa dan akhirnya busuk atau kadaluarsa..Itu dia hasil survey yang telah kami lakukan. Semoga dapat memberi gambaran tentang perilaku masyarakat Surabaya akan sampah makanan yang mereka hasilkan. ..#foodwastesurvey#foodwastesurabaya#surveysampahmakanan#foodbank#indonesiabebaslapar#surpluspangan#foodcrisis#feedthehungry#zerowaste#foodwaste#donateyourfood#loveyourfood#sustainabledevelopment#movement#bebassampah#foodwaste#gardapangan#volunteer#donasimakanan#foodrescue#foodrescuesurabaya

Oxfam International (@oxfaminternational) Instagram Profile Photooxfaminternational

Oxfam International

Oxfam International (@oxfaminternational) Instagram Photo

We met Malaiko Usman (56) mother of six children in Bislie center for internally displaced people, Siti region, Ethiopia.“We have known happier days. Now we are like children, waiting for someone to feed us." After her family lost many of their cattle to the drought, her husband took the remaining cattle to Guben, Somaliland in search of water.Persistent drought has caused crops to fail and cattle to die in parts of Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya – causing severe food and water shortages. Brutal conflicts in South Sudan, Yemen and Nigeria have driven millions of people from their homes and left millions more in need of emergency food.This is the largest hunger emergency in the world. The UN warned as many as 1.4 million children could die of starvation in the coming months.YOU can help  oxfam.orgPhoto: Abiy Getahun/Oxfam#ethiopia#oxfam#drought#pastorialists#foodcrisis#humanitarian#portrait#instagood#photooftheday#nofilter

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