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Grasping At Flaws - @graspingatflawsofficial Instagram Accountgraspingatflawsofficial

Grasping At Flaws

Grasping At Flaws - @graspingatflawsofficial Instagram Photo

Back by popular objection, new episodes starting next week! #cunexttuesday#graspingatflaws#prettylittleliars@prettylittleliars

Ray Jewan - @rayjewan Instagram Accountrayjewan

Ray Jewan

Ray Jewan - @rayjewan Instagram Photo

Not feeling sorry for myself, just life and just me. I’ll keep grinding because it’s all I know. Today I’ve come to the realization I’m old, I’m wrinkled, I ache and I’m just not capable of the things I once was. Believe it or not, probably just in denial, a year ago I would not have said the same thing. I’ve lived a life I would have never imagined, the bad and the good all had their reasons for being. I’ve loved deeply and been hurt deeply.I’ve won often and lost even more. I’vebeen blessed with amazing kids, whom I could not love more or be more proud of.I’m not invincible, I’m not indestructible, I’m human, I’m flawed and I’m broken. #life#human#flawed#real

Yazz - @simplyyazz Instagram Photo

#balconythoughtsThe key is to make her feel like the world is hers and then give it to her in small doses.

ProjectHEAL-Southern Oregon - @projecthealsoor Instagram Accountprojecthealsoor

ProjectHEAL-Southern Oregon

IMPERFKT ™ - @_imperfkt Instagram Account_imperfkt


IMPERFKT ™ - @_imperfkt Instagram Photo

Happy Friday! #imperfkt

》》》Frankie Kaytisha - @kaytishaaa Instagram Accountkaytishaaa

》》》Frankie Kaytisha

》》》Frankie Kaytisha - @kaytishaaa Instagram Photo

》》》Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not in fact, surrounded by a bunch of assholes .••••#fucksociety#spreadlove#perfectlyflawed

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