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This Friday the 24th it's party time, as we're officially launching Finn! Expect delicious drinks, scrumptious food, good vibes and a photo-booth competition.Are you ready to win one of our 10 awesome Finn sweaters?1. Take a picture in our photo booth;2. Share the picture on your social media;3. Share your picture on this Facebook page;4. Add #finnsightsto your picture description.All contestants will be added to our lottery. We will draw the winners and announce them on our social media channels.See you on Friday!

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; CYRUS SOSA.⠀⠀ With his father an ex clone and his mother a Jedi, Cyrus Sosa soon became a soldier fighting with the rebellion inspired by Luke Skywalker. He dedicated his life to protecting the universe after the explosion of the Death Star. For some thirty years he worked alongside General Leia and even Han Solo on rare occasions during more risky missions. One particular mission he endured later on left him crippled with only one of his legs. He was discharged from service and sent to live quietly on Batuu, a planet on the edge of the Outer Territories where there was a prominent trade post. Over time it slowly became a hiding spot for anyone looking to get away from the First Order like Cyrus was. // So he’s a little grumpy and kinda sassy. “””I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now””” -his life in one meme. He’s based in TFA/TLJ where he’s at right now and I have no idea how he’d work as far as meeting any canons but I want the grumpy space man to meet Rey, Finn, and ESPECIALLY Poe because it would be nice to relate to someone and hear all about the Resistance. Okay? Okay. He would help them hella because heY HE LIKES ADVENTURES TOO. Also could he be any more of a protective dad to them? nah,, there was a woman once but he’s bitter about it so he’s a lil shit about getting close to people but once he’s comfortable he’s like annoyingly caring. I just love my one legged bean okay I’m noT SORRY.⠀#rp#openrp#starwarsrp#swrp#jedirp#sithrp#rebelrp#empirerp#alliancerp#resistancerp#rey#finn#poedameron#poedameronrp#reyrp#finnrp#tfarp#theforceawakensrp

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Im extremely bored and tired its 3:26 am for me, someone hmu

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