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Skeleton Optics sunglasses made for the outdoor athletes that push the limits and explore the unknown • Wear The Difference • No Boundaries • .#skeletonoptics#noboundaries#athlete#explore@nickjberger@outdoors_allie - @shopp_addicts Instagram Profile Photoshopp_addicts

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Raihan Zidan

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Kawah Kamojang merupakan sumber sumur panasbumi pertama yang dikelola di Indonesia. Di Kamojang, manifestasi panasbumi yang terlihat adalah kolam air panas dan kolam lumpur yang dapat dijadikan destinasi wisata dan pembelajaran.#lombafotografibafest#bogorartfestival#bafest2017#lombafotography#lombafotografi#lombafotographynasional#infolomba

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Alexa Jane Denner

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Taking some time for myself before the holiday chaos ensues.

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Kenan Karić

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I firmly believe it is important to explore and see. To travel. For the sake of travel. You get to know yourself on so many levels of depth than you could imagine, you know.To have lifelong experience of just seeing things, experiencing them, living them. Once you grow old, you will remember those times with damn joy. You will be happy to be alive then. That you lived your life.Credit: @unsplash#photography#photooftheday#storytime#story#traveling#travel#compas#explore#exploring#newday#newplaces

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