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Lauren Jane - @intrepidnaturopath Instagram Photo

This is my darling KaiYears ago my partner & I bought a pop-top Toyota Hiace, decked it out with tie dye curtains, stove top, kitchen sink, cupboards & all the necessities, then took off up the east coast of Australia. ⠀⠀We showered in the ocean, wore no makeup, cooked in the van & stopped at every beach & national park along the way. ⠀⠀I washed my hair once in six months & truly didn't realize how hobo we had become until I looked back at photos after our return. ⠀⠀There truly is nothing more freeing & happy than the open road! This puppy was lucky enough to come along for the whole journey. ⠀⠀Travel tip #1- Find the hidden back streets & park beach front wherever you can to allow for morning sunrise over the ocean. ⠀⠀Travel tip #2- DO pick up back packers & share meals & stories with everyone you meet!⠀⠀#intrepidtravel

Mariella Merlino - @mad_mariella Instagram Profile Photomad_mariella

Mariella Merlino

Mariella Merlino - @mad_mariella Instagram Photo

Today I celebrate my 2 years in #kualalumpur🇲🇾Even though I miss my family and my friends, I would take that flight and do the same again and again 100,000 times!! #2yearsinkl#expatlife#globetrotter#tb

A|D|A 🇹🇩➡️🇺🇸 - @trampingtrails Instagram Profile Phototrampingtrails

A|D|A 🇹🇩➡️🇺🇸

A|D|A 🇹🇩➡️🇺🇸 - @trampingtrails Instagram Photo

#throwbackto a couple of weeks ago when I had the honor of watching this crew showcase their artistry. What an incredible spectacle this is. I was extremely impressed with the dancing but between the acrobatics and the costumes you sit there wondering how it feels like to be in the mind of the creators of this saga. If you’re in Vegas, take the time to watch a Cirque show... it’s like Hogwarts for adults, except it’s real instead of J.K Rowling’s mind. Thankful I have such amazing friends who know what makes me happy and make the bestest gifts#lereve#cirquedusoleil#lasvegas

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