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SarahⓋ | Vegan | NYC (@sarahandspices) Instagram Profile Photosarahandspices

SarahⓋ | Vegan | NYC

#kind to every kind 1667799452972414457

#kindto every kind

s u n n yⓋ 🐝 (@compassionatesun) Instagram Profile Photocompassionatesun

s u n n yⓋ 🐝

pigs are mothers too. this is a standard in pig fa 1667772421396110317

pigs are mothers too. this is a standard in pig factory farming. rows of gestation crates with sows and piglets. they are unable to move and nurture their babies. in these small gestation crates they are unable to turn around and they will never have any comfort. baby piglets are taken away from their mamas after a few weeks, they have their tales chopped off, teeth clipped off with pliers and males are castrated - and no, painkillers are not involved. cruel factory farming conditionswhere they are subjected to extreme suffering,mutilations without painkillers, and a ruthless slaughter as the end to all of this. that's all they get, only because they were born into a world where someone has already decided their faith before birth. .pigs kept in these conditions can have a lot of diseases, most of them suffer from pneumonia by the time they go to slaughter. since they are kept inthe conditions and filth they are in, the industry to keep them alive puts a lot of antibiotics into the bodies of these beautiful beings. most of the pigs die during transport, and if they 'make it' to slaughter - their throats are cut, these animals get killed by electrocution, gas chambers, bolt pistols etc.every minute over 3000 pigs are slaughtered worldwide. does that number not alarm you? .you have someone on your plate. bacon was someone. ham and pork was someone. it's always an individual that wanted to live.please go vegan for them. . ...LUCENTTHE LAND OF HOPE AND GLORYEARTHLINGS ..@weanimals

s u n n yⓋ 🐝 (@compassionatesun) Instagram Profile Photocompassionatesun

s u n n yⓋ 🐝


there is no logical, spiritual or any other way to justify this. animal agriculture is the leading cause of the enormous damage that is done to the animals, planet and people. the longer you allow it, the more wrong and unecessary harm is done, we are already running out of time. ....EARTHLINGSCOWSPIRACYWHAT THE HEALTHif nothing else. at least please watch these three documentaries. live compassionately. live kindly. live vegan.

️ 1667527595241331692

Cezilia Ayleen Björnslätt (@cizziline) Instagram Profile Photocizziline

Cezilia Ayleen Björnslätt


Individerna ni ser här var idag på sin allra sista resa. En resa på väg mot sin död.I denna sjuka industri utnyttjas och mördas grisarna endast för pengars skull. De behandlas helt enkelt som produkter, men faktum är att de är levande, kännande och tänkande individer som vill leva och absolut inget kan rättfärdiga det här.Bidra inte till detta! Det MINSTA du kan göra för djuren är att bli vegan!#animalrights#animalliberation#activism#activist#veganactivist#vegan#meatismurder#endcruelty#weareallearthlings#untileverycageisempty

People open up and listen more when you see them 1667496304022155327

People open up and listen more when you see them

Raymond Cruzzola 🌱 (@raycruzzola) Instagram Profile Photoraycruzzola

Raymond Cruzzola 🌱

There’s huge payoffs for sacrifices#altruism 1667386886796045776

There’s huge payoffs for sacrifices#altruism

@Regranned from @fernandochien -makes me sick 🤢1667291628976218948

@regrannedfrom @fernandochien-makes me sick 🤢・・・ あなたはまだイルカと泳ぎたいですか?またはイルカショウに行きたいですか?彼らは家族から無理矢理引き裂かれ、そして目の前で家族全員が殺されます。この大虐殺をご覧ください。売られるイルカの他の17頭のイルカは殺されるでしょう! #captivitykills#dontbuyaticketMy friend Liz when she was in Taiji,filmed a lot. She's a real trooper.A reminder of Taiji again.Baby separation from mother,Dolphinarium visitors!It doesn't matter where in the world you visit a park to watch Dolphins entertain you, they first came from somewhere....... if you purchase a ticketyou automatically support this.STILL WANT TO BUY A TICKET? /KimberlyVideo Liz Carter 2017.#stopthehuntingofdolphins#stopslaughteringanimals#endcruelty#stopmuderingdolphins#emptythetanks#closedowntaiji#tweet4taiji#tweet4dolphins#taiji#voiceforthevoiceless#stoptheslaughter#children#mother#babies

s u n n yⓋ 🐝 (@compassionatesun) Instagram Profile Photocompassionatesun

s u n n yⓋ 🐝

 cows are just big gentle puppies that love to pla 1667089475785880691

cows are just big gentle puppies that love to play and enjoy life just as much as dogs. so why do you eat one and love the other?• THE SECRET REASON WHY WE EAT MEAT• by Dr. Melanie Joy,it's on youtube! make the connection. choose love. choose compassion. choose vegan. may all beings be this happy and safe......@thegentlebarn