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United Internet for UNICEF (@united_internet_for_unicef) Instagram Profile Photounited_internet_for_unicef

United Internet for UNICEF

Der #Mai stand für unsere Stiftung ganz im Zeichen 1671146570396329840

Der #mai  stand für unsere Stiftung ganz im Zeichen von Bangladesch. Tessa Page reiste in das südasiatische Land, um sich vor Ort die Projekte anzusehen, die wir mit euren Spenden unterstützen. Sie sah sich die Erfolge an, die in Projekten zu Bildung, Kinderehe oder Gesundheit erzielt wurden. Auch so können wir sicherstellen, dass eure Spenden ankommen und vor Ort nachhaltig wirken...May for our foundation was characterized by the topic Bangladesh. @tessa__pagetraveled to the South-Asian country to visit projects on site which we support with your donations. She inspected all the success which were made in project for ecudation, ending child marriage or health. In this way we can even ensure that your donations reach the people and work sustainable...#uiforunicef  #kinder  #children  #2017  #unicef  #charity  #help #photooftheyear  #picoftheyear  #asia#asien#bangladesch#bangladesh#endchildmarriage#foundation#project#donation#spenden#success#story#erfolg#ecudation#bildung#schule#health#gesundheit#sustainable#nachhaltig#marriage

Mariposa DR Foundation (@mariposadrfoundation) Instagram Profile Photomariposadrfoundation

Mariposa DR Foundation

We are proud to announce the reopening Cabarete Co 1671055591067469691

We are proud to announce the reopening Cabarete Coffee Company today, while we celebrate the 2018 Cabarete Responsible Tourism and Investment Guide! The Cabarete Guide is our own publication and highlights small businesses making a positive impact in our community. Thank you to all of our advertisers and contributors to this years guide.

Innovation For Change (@ifc_up32) Instagram Profile Photoifc_up32

Innovation For Change

Lina Fievet (@fievetlina) Instagram Profile Photofievetlina

Lina Fievet

Child marriage is a human right violation but this 1670704320172472038

Child marriage is a human right violation but this continues today in many parts of the world. According to the UNFPA, everyday, 39000 of girls are getting married, which is about 1625 of them every hour. So during every minute you spend on instagram looking at nice pictures, there are about 27 little girls who are forcefully going to be married with older husband. Most of them don’t even realize what is happenning to them. And more than 1 in 3 are married before the age of 15, with girls as young as 7.Girls who marry before 18 are more likely to drop out from school, receiving no education. This means no employment, no possibility for the girl to explore her interests, and no vocational opportunity. These girls are also in high risk of (unwanted) pregnancy, even before they are physically or psychologically ready, and especially complications during pregnancy/childbirth, which is the leading cause of death in girls from the age of 15-19, in developing countries. Not only the young mother is at risk, but the baby too. And psychologically, we can’t even imagine how detrimental it can be for a girl to go through losing her virginity when she does not even have the knowledge about sex, when she did not even choose her husband, and when she does not even want to go through all of this in the first place. And this is on top of all sexual/intimate violence, poverty, isolation from the society etc. Although there is a decline in the number of child brides, we still need to raise awarness and take action. Here are some more resources for information, and how you can help.

I See Liberals... (@j.a.deplorable) Instagram Profile Photoj.a.deplorable

I See Liberals...

Reposted from @unchainedatlast a non-profit group1670574798354116654

Reposted from @unchainedatlasta non-profit group that is working to end child marriage here in the US. Sadly a lot of people that come here bring their values such as forced child marriage, so a girl can legally be a US citizen but beholden to her families rules. This is one of those groups that I can't figure out why they aren't getting more support, this seems like something everyone should be on board with. Please check them out #endchildmarriage#unchained#letgirlsbekids#girlsnotbridesPlease follow my awesome partners:@oriana_is_back@cali4trump17@politics_rides_american_pride@free_dom_17

Unchained At Last (@unchainedatlast) Instagram Profile Photounchainedatlast

Unchained At Last

#FridayFacts: More than 700 million women alive to 1670565149399600202

#fridayfacts : More than 700 million women alive today around the world - and more than one in four young women - were married as children. #endchildmarriage

P&D Factor (@pdfactor) Instagram Profile Photopdfactor

P&D Factor

Fatumata Baldé fala-nos do poder da Educação no em 1670534478224125178

Fatumata Baldé fala-nos do poder da Educação no empoderamento de meninas eulheresConheça a campanha #simigualdade !Partilhe estas mensagens!#simigualdadeFatumata Baldé joins the #simigualdadecampaign for the fundamental human rights of girls and women.#simigualdade#cnapn#unfpa#unicef#seci#cig#pdfactor#viversemmgf#endchildmarriage#humanrights#girlseducation#girlsrightsarehumanrights#girlsrights#womensrights#upholdgirlsrights#srhr#empowergirls#stopfgm#girlsnotbrides#agenda2030#volunteer#yesequality#igualdadedegenero#fimdamgf@alice.frade

YLLO BEAUTY (@yllobeauty) Instagram Profile Photoyllobeauty


Thanks to @megan.caddy for the write-up on “What M 1670528764683290103

Thanks to @megan.caddyfor the write-up on “What Makes Your Face Glow” featuring @yllobeauty

Brides do Good (@brides_do_good) Instagram Profile Photobrides_do_good

Brides do Good

 10 days to go | $10 is all @tooyoungtowed needs t 1670502170564661386

10 days to go | $10 is all @tooyoungtowedneeds to provide an adolescent girl attending one of their child marriage survivor photography workshop with a personal hygiene kit. The sale of Xantia by #peterlangnerwill fund 70 such kits. .. ...Xantia wedding dress by #peterlangner£1,600 (47% off) with £500 going to charity. Shot by @leyla_ripplephotographyat @hotelkensington

Brides do Good (@brides_do_good) Instagram Profile Photobrides_do_good

Brides do Good

THE GIFT OF HOPE | £500 will fund programmes to en 1670501305053248945

THE GIFT OF HOPE | £500 will fund programmes to end child marriage when you buy this £1,600 Peter Langner gown (47% off)....Xantia wedding dress by #peterlangner£1,600 (47% off) with £500 going to charity. Shot by @leyla_ripplephotographyat @hotelkensington