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If any of you are looking for a new #vegan page to 1667769400794420808

If any of you are looking for a new #veganpage to follow I’d highly recommend @luke_ireland92#repost@luke_ireland92(@get_repost )・・・● Hens ovulate for the same reason female humans do: to reproduce. In #chickens , the ovary is a cluster of developing ova, or #yolks ..In nature, wild hens lay only 10 to 15 eggs per year. Modern egg hens have been intensively bred to lay between 250 to 300 eggs a year!.● But in the wild, chickens, like all birds, lay only during breeding season — primarily in the spring — and only enough #eggsto assure the survival of their genes. .● Many people do not realize that the breed of chicken used for modern egg production is different than the breed used for meat production. If you put them next to each other, they look almost nothing alike! Each has been strategically bred for hyper-production: #egg -laying hens for high egg volume, and “meat” chickens for maximum breast meat. Both types suffer from severe physical problems brought on by this genetic manipulation.Chicken ovum. Eggs are literally a Chicken #period , period.🥚🤮..Well come on, what did you really think they where?🤔#mother#motherhood#baby#babies#chicks#newborn#eggskill#ditcheggs#vegetarianfood#feminist#women#womenempowerment#pregnant#pregnancy#eggsbenedict

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Update on Coretta Scott Bird! (Yes, that's what Jay named her. Her endlessly awesome namesake was way ahead of her time on a host of social justice issues. Many people don't know that she was also vegan!) Coretta is doing a lot better and is very energetic. She still is gurgling and I'm giving her antibiotic pills twice a day. She's not so keen on being touched, which makes sense given where she came from and the fact that I'm often holding her beak open and shoving pills into her mouth. But despite this, she's still super social and follows me around her quarantine room (aka URI and chicken lice lockdown pad). I don't know much about where she came from before she was abandoned.What I do know:1. She is older, probably at least two, and that means her egg production has already begun to decline and her risk of repro issues is higher.2. She is currently molting, which means she also isn't currently laying eggs. Many farms "dispose" of hens when they molt. This also means she was even more susceptible to the winter weather.3. Most of her beak was sliced off. This actually doesn't tell me much, because despite popular misconceptions, hens are debeaked not just for caged egg operations, but for cage-free, free-range, pasture-based, and even backyard ones as well.4. That said, her feet show she didn't come from a cage. You may remember that when I rescued Prospect, her nails were extremely long and twisted. That means she was in a cage of some sortand couldn't scratch her nails down. Coretta's nails look like Rose's, showing she was somewhere she could scratch.5. She was, however, at some point likely in a crate, as her tail feathers are broken on the ends. Maybe she was being transported to a live market.6. She's a Red Star, the top breed used in the U.S. for brown eggs. She was just as intensively bred as Prospect, who is the top breed used for white eggs.Though the details are fuzzy, it's clear she's been through a lot and she's happy to be safe and secure now. The two other hens are doing very well and I'm super happy that they'll actually be heading up to a forever home at @catskill_animal_sanctuarythis Saturday, where I plan to sponsor them!!

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They ALL deserve love.... And if you can't bring y 1664583255347576099
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Our four rescue hens have finally established thei 1660251888362570774

Our four rescue hens have finally established their order and are united as a little group at last..It's been quite stressful at times especially with Berry who has only a little vision left getting pecked to bits. But, when you see them like this happily gobbling up salad leaves in the sunshine it is all worth while and a million miles away from the brutal ending at the slaughterhouse they were saved from. ..For every egg we eat and every product that contains eggs, there are victims for your choice. Millions of boys who were the wrong sex for the egg industry are killed as day-old chicks. Millions of egg layers this year alone in the UK (factory, caged, free range or organic) will have been killed violently once they hit the age when their predicted egg laying slows or the eggs develop slight marks - at just 72-78 weeks old...Eggs are not good for human bodies. It's even illegal in the USA to advertise them as healthy - the country where you can carry a gun warns you about eggs. Chickens eat, drink and shit a lot causing untold strain on the environment. Leave eggs off your plate please. They used to be one of my favourite foods and now the thought of them to eat repulsesme. They come out of their arse, not appetising at all! 🥚️🤢 @croydoncluckers#eggs#savedfromslaughter#eggskill#exbatteryhens#rethinkyourfood#veganlife#eatkind#eggsaregross#eggsarebad#scrambledeggs#poachedeggs#eggsalad#eggsbenedict#eatlikeyougiveafuck#stopchoosingtohurtanimals