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morgan (@morgans_fitsta) Instagram Photo

VEGAN PESTO PASTA HELLOi’ve been incorporating more vegan foods into my diet recently (no i’m not vegan and tbh don’t think i could ever be) but since i don’t eat much dairy i’m like 1/2 way therehomemade pesto sauce inspired by @christieswadling.still playing around with exact ratios but here’s the ingredients i used:• cashews• olive oil• lots of nutritional yeast• basil•spinach• 2 garlic cloves + garlic powder• sea salt• juice from 1/3 lemon • splash of water•blend, blend, blend!!then i mixed it all with pasta, roasted brussels, tofu, and a little @daiyafoodscheese after

Macro Coach | Amber Brueseke (@biceps.after.babies) Instagram Profile Photobiceps.after.babies

Macro Coach | Amber Brueseke

Macro Coach | Amber Brueseke (@biceps.after.babies) Instagram Photo

Double tap if you are trying to GROW some muscle.I heard @megsquatssay this in one of her YouTube videos and man it stuck with me! So many women only ever focus on being smaller or thinner or littler. There isn't anything wrong with cutting and there isn't anything wrong with trying to lose bodyfat - but it does become a problem if you are always dieting. Your body adapts to what you feed it. If you are always dieting and always cutting and always trying to lose just a little more weight you are going to find yourself in an awful spiral of having to keep lowering your calories or increase your exercise just to stay the same..When cutting (lowering your calories for fat loss) I suggest you plan to do it for a set amount of TIME rather than to reach a certain arbitrary goal WEIGHT. It’s a good ideas to limit your cut to 16-20 weeks MAX. For many people a 12 week cut is plenty - both physically and mentally. Diet fatigue is a real phenomenon and it’s important to recognize that your inability to stick to something may not signal that you are weak, but rather that you may need a diet break or refeed day or that it’s time to get out of a caloric deficit..Cuts should happen at points during your fitness journey, but in no way should it be all of your fitness journey. Cut, get it over with, and then spend most of your time at maintenance or above to really focus on BUILDING your body. Because no matter what you think your favorite Instagram stars are doing, you will never build as much muscle in a deficit as you would eating at maintenance or a slight surplus. #eattotrain

Sally (@foodiefittwinmummy) Instagram Photo

This totally just went down, post workout protein waffles.Thought I’d treat myself after what I would describe as one of the most disgusting and hardest solo training sessions I’ve ever had, drop set after drop set after drop setI genuinely thought I was going to 🤮 after and it took me a while to build up to these waffles. So thank you @busybee.carysand #ufbg.Made these with @kin_nutritioncoconut vegan protein, buckwheat flour, egg and egg whites. Topped with banana, blueberries, a sprinkle of gf granola and @musclefoodukzero maple syrupNice macros too 411cal P52g F5g C38g.I am seriously feeling so fatigued but hey that’s a good thing isn’t it #gainsAm wondering how I’m going to get my boys out of the bath later, as not expecting arms to work 🤣I will also obviously need to get some greens 🥦 (had to use new emoji) in for my dinner later.#postworkout#refuel#proteinwaffles#waffles#highprotein#fitfood#eatforgains#eatcleantraindirty#fitfoodie#foodporn#healthyfoodshare#instafood#glutenfree#feedfeed#fitnessjourney#fitnessgoals#fuelyourbody#foodisfuel#eattotrain#fitfam#fitfamuk#instafit#flexibledieting#strongnotskinny#girlswholift#girlswithmuscle#macros#iifym

Sally (@foodiefittwinmummy) Instagram Photo

Monday motivation is , obviously helped by this bowl of yummy proats.Creamy vanilla oats made with @kin_nutritionvanilla vegan protein, @twochicksproductsegg whites and a splash of @plenishcleansealmond milk.Topped with banana, raspberries, @creativenaturesuperfoodscacao nibs and that puddle of @manilife_smooth pb.So excited to be starting the next phase of my training programme #ufbgthis morning. It’s upper body and after a bench pb on Saturday I’m hyped to go and smash it.Let’s do Monday folks, have a good one 🤗.#breakfast#breakfastinspo#oats#proats#proteinporridge#veganprotein#feedfeed#nutbutterlover#fitfood#eatforgains#healthyfoodshare#instafood#fitfoodie#glutenfree#healthyfoodshare.#fitnessjourney#fitnessgoals#transformation#fuelyourbody#foodisfuel#eattotrain#fitfam#fitfamuk#instafit#flexibledieting#strongnotskinny#girlswholift#girlswithmuscle#mondaymotivation

Jeremie (@that_one_guy_i_met) Instagram Photo

Morning famChicken with garlic beans and onionsBefore the gym#breakfast#eatfresh#eattotrain#positvevibes#positiveoutlook#goals#focused#blessed

Patrick Landreman (@iamabeautifulsnowflake) Instagram Profile Photoiamabeautifulsnowflake

Patrick Landreman

Patrick Landreman (@iamabeautifulsnowflake) Instagram Photo

Beef roast, celery root, onions, garlic, sage. Baked beans slow cooked with the roast for 8 hours. Im not a huge fan of romaine, but it's an easy way to make things look shmancy!If I'm going to keep doing this I really need one of my photography friends to help out (ahem @mindful_gastrognome )#dinner#beefitswhatsfordinner#needsraisins#food#bigtastymeals#eat#eattolive#eattotraintraintoeat#eattotrain

Charlie Czechowski (@trainingwithcharlie) Instagram Profile Phototrainingwithcharlie

Charlie Czechowski

Charlie Czechowski (@trainingwithcharlie) Instagram Photo

I loooove me some pumpkin. But towards the end of November, it’s like you can’t turn around without getting a face full of pumpkin purée. So I’m here this weekend to mix things up! I made this frozen yogurt that is creamy, sweet and still has all those wonderful Fall spices and flavors. What’s the secret ingredient? Kabocha squash!!!—.—.—Miracle Noodle code for 10% your entire order: CHARLIENOV—.—.—..INGREDIENTS:.Frozen Yogurt:85g frozen diced kabocha squash¼ cup Miracle Noodle rice2 packets Truvia or sugar substitute2 tbsp Greek yogurt30g sugar free pancake syrupDash cinnamon .Toppings:2 tbsp per layer of Coconut whipped toppingDash Cinnamon1 tbsp Miracle Noodle rice..DIRECTIONS:.Drain, rinse, and pat dry miracle noodles. Place all frozen yogurt ingredients into a food processor or blender. Blend until almost smooth (I left a couple of chunks in mine because I like the texture). Place 2-3 tbsp of pudding in a small bowl or mason jar and layer with coconut whipped topping. Repeat layering until jar is full. Add additional cinnamon and miracle noodle rice on top. Enjoy!

Damy 💝⚔️✨ (@damy_fit) Instagram Profile Photodamy_fit

Damy 💝⚔️✨

Damy 💝⚔️✨ (@damy_fit) Instagram Photo

When you use food to work for you and not against you, amazing things happen from the inside out ‍️ #sundaymotivation#eattotrain#traintoeat#fitlife#aboutayearago

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