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Ritchie Macapinlac - @rsmacapinlac Instagram Profile Photorsmacapinlac

Ritchie Macapinlac

Ritchie Macapinlac - @rsmacapinlac Instagram Photo
Melissa Kendter | fitness - @mk_fitnes Instagram Profile Photomk_fitnes

Melissa Kendter | fitness

Melissa Kendter | fitness - @mk_fitnes Instagram Photo

Ready or not, it's marathon time! Training has been a mix of good emotions but the work is behind me and now it's time to celebrate along the streets of Philly! All 26.2 of themTomorrow at 7am it's #marathontime! #philadelphiamarathon‍️ #trainhardGot all the #gearThanks to everyone who helped!

Angela Maciocia - @angelamaciocia Instagram Profile Photoangelamaciocia

Angela Maciocia

Angela Maciocia - @angelamaciocia Instagram Photo
ava! - @avacadoeats Instagram Photo

I don't want none unless you got bunz hun...more specifically-CINNAMON BUNZ!! but not just any cinnamon buns-these are gluten free and refined sugar free. so no more sugar hangover from the store bought kinds (experienced that every Sunday as a kid) made with @simplemillsartisan bread mix and topped with @kitehillfoodscream cheese spread-this might be the best thing I've ever made!! RECIPE IN THE COMMENTS!! also I'm so freaking happy to be in break-it's stress free and makes me so so so happy!! I'm going on a longer run tomorrow bc I'm building mileage which makes me VERY happy! hope all of you babes have had a lovely saturday

allie ✖️ inshapeincollege - @inshapeincollege Instagram Profile Photoinshapeincollege

allie ✖️ inshapeincollege

allie ✖️ inshapeincollege - @inshapeincollege Instagram Photo

Nothing I love more than getting back to basicsjapanese sweet potato, egg whites, and spinachhome food is the best foodI am proud to say that after a full day of school work yesterday, all of my assignments were handed in on time and it is OFFICIALLY BREAK!Happy weekend!•••#cleaneats#cleaneating#nutrition#healthyeating#healthy#foodie#strongnotskinny#lifestyle#cardio#fitness#dinner#fitnessmotivation#workouts#weightloss#healthspo#goodeats#yummy#fit#healthyeats#motivation#realfood#eattorun#eeeeeats#buzzfeedfood#wholefoods#foodisfuel#bbg#dairyfree

Recovering Athlete - @runs.eats.repeats Instagram Profile Photoruns.eats.repeats

Recovering Athlete

Recovering Athlete - @runs.eats.repeats Instagram Photo

Post run yogurt bowl to celebrate my first run back after a week off‍️ rest weeks are tough but after a good first season I had to keep telling myself my body deserved a break! We’re not robots and can’t go 100%, every day, 24/7. Now I’m rested & ready to go for indoor to start, woohoo! Happy Saturday, make it a great one! — { @oikos+ @crazyrichardspb+ chia seeds & @kindsnacksbar}

hannah - @wholesomely_hannah Instagram Photo

Happy smoooothie saturday this made for the most perfect breakfast before my workout this morning!•••R E C I P E:Throw 1cup blueberries + 1cup raspberries + avo🥑 + 1/2 banana + 2/3c unsweetened almond milk + iceT O P P I N G S:Hemp hearts & cinnamon granola •••It feels so good to wake up in my own bed & be home again!! I plan on spending today shopping with my best friend, a quick trip to Whole Foods, and spending much needed time with the fam️ I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

feed your goals not your fears - @peanutbuttavibess Instagram Profile Photopeanutbuttavibess

feed your goals not your fears

feed your goals not your fears - @peanutbuttavibess Instagram Photo

these past few days have been challenging but good! having a difficult time as i near a weight in my goal weight range i haven't been at in a very long time but as my RD reminds me...this will help me reach my goals (and be healthy). i need to let my fear of not being able to do the things i love override the fear of weight.some positives from the past few days:1. i have followed my (increased) meal plan everyday. 2. went out to dinner and got burritos and didn't sub anything! 3. went out to lunch the next day and got exactly what i wanted. 4. i was at a local cafe last night listening to live music and i decided to order a muffin for a snack when i could have easily had the safer option i packed. 5. got to run yesterday on my absolutely favorite trail and i was crying and smiling it was invigorating and enjoyable and so beautiful. 6. like i've mentioned, the universe put something on my path and there's now like a 90% it's happeningbreakfast: {oats cooked in flax milk, banana, teddies peanut butter, and a crumbled pumpkin pie larabar somewhere in there } okkkkk, i hope y'all have had a great week and enjoy your weekend! much love and light to you all!

Angela Maciocia - @angelamaciocia Instagram Profile Photoangelamaciocia

Angela Maciocia

Angela Maciocia - @angelamaciocia Instagram Photo

Now..who says you can’t have leftover roasted chicken for breakfast?!#breakfast#paleo#chicken#eattorun#nourish#foodisfuel#athlete#protein

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