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Claudia Clare Ceramics (@claudiaceramics) Instagram Profile Photoclaudiaceramics

Claudia Clare Ceramics


A consistent favourite this one. "Bugger Porcelain" 2016, 40cms high. It's based a court report about a British Diplomat whose postings were mostly in the Far East and who, over many years, built a unique collection of Ming Porcelain. When he died he left the collection to his four children, two of whom wanted to keep the collection Intact and create a museum for it, and two wanted to sell some of the pieces and divide the rest between them. The disagreement ended up in court and for all I know may still be in process.The older children felt a strong emotional attachment to the collection having helped their dad catalogue it. The younger ones may simply have needed the money or may just be acutely aware of the overload of pots, especially Chinese porcelain, that we have in this country, and the lack of museum space for existing collections, never mind adding yet more. Whatever the full story is, the blasted stuff is steadily destroying the family. The report concluded that their mother sat "impassively" throughout the proceedings doing her embroidery. I have given her a conservatory with an orchid collection and dictionaries of poisonous plants.Now showing @zuleikagalleryuntil December 1st.#porcelain#collectors#mingporcelain#chineseporcelain#collections#museumcollections#museums#ceramics#drawing#drawingpots#sgraffitopottery#slipwarepottery#earthenware#handbuilt#claudiaclare#potterpainter#exhibition#londongallery