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Single, taken, crushing or forever alone? @oursstoriess🤔

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Sorry for the late post, I been partying and having some fun, jk jk it was very boring but I still love my fam :) . I’m grateful for them don’t get me wrong . Happy thanksgiving my loves , I am thankful for you guys , Drake ofc, my fam ofc again, my dog, Misty ;) , and dolans ofc . You get the point I’m thankful of a lot of things but I gotta blast ya know. I gotta finish having a heart attack from eating to much heheh. Eat a lot my fellow bad bitches , hasta mañana ️🦃 P.s TELL SOMEONE YOU ARE THANKFUL FOR THEM ITLL MAKE THEM SMILE I PROMISE :) #thanksgiving#love#family#drake#champagnepapi#turkey#appreaciation#heart#smile#ovo

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