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Mifta Paradita Basro (@miftabasro) Instagram Profile Photomiftabasro

Mifta Paradita Basro

Pasir PanjangReportShareDownload316

Indahnya berbagi kebahagiaan dan kasih bersama mereka (KKL plus STIE ibnu sina) #dowhatyoucan#sharewhatyouhave

Power Women in Green (@powerwomeningreen) Instagram Profile Photopowerwomeningreen

Power Women in Green

Did you catch last week’s podcast? Link in bio. Fu 1672445450445307445

Did you catch last week’s podcast? Link in bio. Fuel your activist fire! And then go out and do something! No matter how big or small. @emilyvsbear#activist#activism#tshirtsforgood#motherearthlove

Debby Meyers (@debbyleedesigns) Instagram Profile Photodebbyleedesigns

Debby Meyers

The sun was shining so I thought it would be a per 1672424314542826771

The sun was shining so I thought it would be a perfect day to go Christmas shopping. Hours and hours later, starving and the joys of shopping in Hong Kong with no food courts or places to sit down hit me.I had to pretend to try on some clothes in a store so I could sit down somewhere for 5 minutes to eat my 4pm lunch..... Naughty I know, but I'm sure some of you have succumbed to that too!____#christmasgiftshk#christmasshoppingfun#startswell#serenitynow#hongkong_insta#nowheretosit#eatingontherun#adapting#dowhatyoucan#hongkong#needawine#dressingroom#ayah#keepingitreal

Anne Murphy @ Domesblissity (@domesblissity) Instagram Profile Photodomesblissity

Anne Murphy @ Domesblissity

I know it seems like we've got a lot on our plates 1672417073378618372

I know it seems like we've got a lot on our plates at the moment with just under a week until Christmas day. There's the everyday chores that need doing plus the list a mile long that you need done by Christmas Eve..There's presents still to wrap or buy, food to prepare and organise, the house to clean, kids to manage and it goes on and on. Did you know you can only do one thing at a time?.I know I'm guilty of this. While I'm doing something on my to do list, I'm already thinking of the next thing and the next thing and getting very overwhelmed..STOP! Write a to do list and prioritise. Do one thing at a time and focus on that until it's done. If you're interrupted by a child or an important phone call, do that then go right back to what you were doing..I know us women think we're superhuman and put so much on our plates that we think we can manage it all but we can't. You should only take tiny steps and chip away, every day, until you get what you NEED done..Don't worry about the dusting. Don't worry about washing the floors. Don't worry about the laundry. Put those really important things high on the list of your priorities like spending time with your loved ones, eating food and enjoying the season of giving. You can only give so much of yourself if you try to do all the things before you crack..You deserve to enjoy this time of year just as much as anyone else. Put everything else on hold and do what you can.#domesticgoddess#wearthecrown#mumlife#momlife#sahm#mom#mum#mummy#mommy#mother#housewife#homesweethome#love#family#homemaker#homemade#organisedhouse#organisedhome#budgetmum#budgetmom#stressfree#stressless#dowhatyoucan#enjoytheseason#familychristmas#christmastime

Well today will be interesting, on for 5lb gain I1672414336856185871

Well today will be interesting, on for 5lb gain I reckon tonight 🤔 but that's just the number.I don't feel bad about what I ate cause I have gave that guilt up, however shortbread for breakfast, Krispy Kremes for snacks and 3000 cans of Coke or alike in place of water isn't really what I was going for when I wanted to improve my healthit's a tough time of year, I made a plan last week which I looked at twiceI'm writing a new one now, second time lucky ......... 🤔 #dowhatyoucan#failingtoprepareispreparingtofail#slimmingworld#slimmingworlduk#slimmingworldukfamily#slimmingworldukjourney#slimmingworldukmember#slimmingworldukfollowers#slimmingworldukfriends#slimmingworldukblogger#slimmingworldukinstagram

Trish Summers ☕️ All About Tea (@tearhapsody) Instagram Profile Phototearhapsody

Trish Summers ☕️ All About Tea

California. The home of the Golden Gate Bridge, th 1672361582142535895

California. The home of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Happiest Place on Earth, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood (just to name a few well known spots). The air is crisp, the skies are blue, and when the Rose Parade rings in the first day of the New Year, more folks around the nation determine to make the Golden State their home.*No matter where I've been or where I go, I'll always be a California girl. My memories are filled with trekks up and down the coast, internships in the fashion and movie industries, and summer days lived endlessly on the beach. I love California! Which is why my heart is breaking for my fellow people affected by the numerous fires, some of which are still burning!*From here on out, $1 from every purchase of TeaRhapsody's California Dreamin' black tea will be donated to a non-profit organization directly helping those affected by the fires. It may seem little, but there's no reason why it cannot cumulatively become huge.*#ilovecalifornia#california#californiadreamin#giving#afriendinneed#givingback#payitorward#californiagirl#oneraindropraisesthesea#blacktea#tearhapsody#tea#californiafires#dowhatyoucan#mybrotherskeeper#mysisterskeeper#tealove#teagives#teacanmakeadifference*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To learn more, visit the link in my bio; or, visit