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Maria Do Socorro (@ironma.ria) Instagram Profile Photoironma.ria

Maria Do Socorro


Sunday 10 miles after our first December snow storm. ‘‘Tis the season ️ ️ ..#dopeychallenge#disneyrun#2017

Katherine Pease (@magicofrunning) Instagram Profile Photomagicofrunning

Katherine Pease


Bittersweet run since it was my last as a #bibravepro . It’s been fun for the last 2.5 years but life is pulling me in new directions and I must go! Counting down to #dopeychallengeand mentally preparing for my “dress rehearsal” next weekend. #runallthemiles#wdwmarathon#train#rundisney#running#runner#run#fitness#bibchat#runchat

Justin Stone (@justin_stone24) Instagram Profile Photojustin_stone24

Justin Stone

Today was the first time in about 3 years, my run1667103759674113511

Today was the first time in about 3 years, my run felt natural & my stride felt like it used to. 8:04, 7:49, 8:29, 7:21 per mile....#brooksrunning#newbalance#dopeychallenge#rundisney#teamrundisney#runchat#werunsocial#momentumjewelry#running#runhappy

Rachel Wilkinson (Morrow) (@rachelrunsformedals) Instagram Profile Photorachelrunsformedals

Rachel Wilkinson (Morrow)

T-minus 4 weeks until I get to go full on Dopey at 1667081381728474088

T-minus 4 weeks until I get to go full on Dopey at the @rundisneyDopey Challenge with @kwolfac08for 48.6 miles of Disney smiles! It will be both of our 3rd marathons!•••#rundisney#dopeychallenge#irunforbling#costumesmakemehappy#running#milesofsmiles#rundopey#crazyrunner#runcation

drummershawn (@drummershawn) Instagram Profile Photodrummershawn


Another hard run for #dopeychallenge. I wish I cou 1667077152979457254

Another hard run for #dopeychallenge . I wish I could figure out why I’m getting legs cramps and today butt crampsHopefully it will work itself out. 5th Dopey here I come. #rundisney#wdwmarathon#garminfitness#brooksrunning#runningishard

Bad run.Supposed to be 20.Don’t have it in me1667061544121235123

Bad run.Supposed to be 20.Don’t have it in me today.Walked last 8 miles.Heart rate was going off... heel pain happened again.#yvsty#marathontraining#womenrunning#womencommunityrunners#dopeychallenge


I cannot wait for the Dopey Challenge! I finally finished sewing all my outfits for the races. #rundisney#dopeychallenge#dopeychallenge2018#disney#disneyaddict#sewing#imadethis#sewingaddict

Daria Wszółkowska (@xdariajane) Instagram Profile Photoxdariajane

Daria Wszółkowska

ONE. WEEK. LATER.One week of doing the #tiu dail 1667056725605064122

ONE. WEEK. LATER.One week of doing the #tiudaily moves religiously and changing my eating habits. I had no idea my results would be THIS fast, but I’m suuuuper excited to go into week 2 and see what happens 🤸‍️

Lael Dickinson (@redheadrunsdisney) Instagram Profile Photoredheadrunsdisney

Lael Dickinson

First: I dressed for the future weather. As I’m no 1667029540030839742

First: I dressed for the future weather. As I’m not a fast runner, I knew 72 was the high and I’d get hot if I tried to dress for the start weather.Second: I couldn’t feel my hands or feet for the first two miles. But my plan worked out for the best and once I warmed up the race weather was PERFECTION (think Chandler and gum in the ATM vestibule )•••Shalane said before the race something she’s always given as advice. Run the first half with your legs and the second half with your heart. I kept hearing that over and over as I ran.•••I didn’t train for this race except that I can run the distance. I wanted to run this race as a way to see Dallas (and as we all know now, Lael wanted the finishers jacket. 🤪) So I incorporated it as a training run for #dopey2018(later as a way to spread Holiday cheer thanks to the lovely stylings by the fantastic ladies of @sparkleathletic )•••Therefore I did not warm up for this race. I turned into a giant ice cube and ran easy.•••So I started off with a 10:28 mile, which is my easy pace for a half.•••I just ran by feel, the next few miles were the low 10s, feeling fine. 🧚‍️•••6.5 is when I start taking gels, so I just kept running by feel until then. Thinking of Shalane’s words of wisdom. Thinking of the marathoners. Taking the city and it’s amazing people in. There were spectators at some point every mile The city was magic!•••So I hit 6.5, still feeling fly. I had started hitting the upper 9s by this time and I started to pass people. My legs were awake and warm and I just dug in and held on. I thought of the step in front of me and nothing beyond that. I hit that amazing place. My happy pace. And the last 5.1 miles just got faster, it all clicked, it all got easier. I was flying. And I just never had to land.•••When things get hard, or my mind wants to quit, I focus on cadence and form. It’s surprising how much faster that small mindshift makes you, and how it also takes your mind off the hurt.•••I crossed that finish line going 7:48/m with a huge smile on my face and more to give. I didn’t PR, but I am SO proud of that race. It’s the race you train for, you dream of, you want every race to be like.•