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Ready to get back and Yoga? Let your practice be a 1655480562846286560

Ready to get back and Yoga? Let your practice be a way of life! Full schedule this weekend: Saturday - 8:00a Align & Flow with Maia, 9:30 Freestyle Flow with Ginny, 11:15 Yoga 101+ with Mel, and 12:30 Gentle/Restorative with Ingrid (sub). Sunday - 9:30a Alignment with Suzanne, 11:00 Yoga 101 with Le, 4:30 Dharma Flow with Holly, 6:15 Movement & Meditation then Candlelight Flow at 7:30 with Aleassa. #practice#yoga#asana#yama#niyamaspranayama #pratyhara#dharana#dhyana#samadhi#patanjali#sutra#alignment#flow#dharma#movement#meditation#yoga101#stretch#flexible#candlelight#saturday#sunday#weekend#oldtown#alexandria#davidloganphotography

Arnaldo Reis Trindade (@arnaldotrindade) Instagram Profile Photoarnaldotrindade

Arnaldo Reis Trindade

Tribal Hop (@tribal.hop) Instagram Profile Phototribal.hop

Tribal Hop

Joana Reis Coach 🔺MahaMudra 🇧🇷 (@joanareis.mbt) Instagram Profile Photojoanareis.mbt

Joana Reis Coach 🔺MahaMudra 🇧🇷

Desenvolva por meio das conversas suas habilidades 1655465494089467235

Desenvolva por meio das conversas suas habilidades de escuta. .O aprendizado é na prática, mas também é no OUVIR .É na habilidade de OUVIR que estão presentes valores, empatia, reciprocidade, respeito, PRESENÇA....Paciência, Vida plena.Fechando a sexta com chave de OURO. .Desafio pro final de semana :Esteja diante de uma pessoa e experimente não retrucar, responder se não for sua posição de falar, respire lentamente e não altere o estado de estar Presente importantemente pra aquele momento: Isso também é Amor . ....Paz aqui e paz agora !

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Joe Barbieri

"You may remember the ancient Chinese curse, 'May1655474989933525393

"You may remember the ancient Chinese curse, 'May you live in an interesting time.' The question is whether it's a curse or a blessing. See it's a curse, if you're afraid of change. It's a blessing if you can use change to free yourself from your identification with that which changes..." -Ram Dass___you may work but you may not be entitled to the fruits of your labor... when you embrace the reality of this universal law, you let the actions of your being move forward through a space of freedom from attachment. in a culture caught up in the myths of: somebody doing something going somewhere, material acquisition and achievements, the clinging to youthfulness and denigration and denial of the natural aging process of growth and decay, the 5-year and 10-year plans and career goals, "time is money", the cookie-cutter photo-shop copy and paste ideal of perfect, the worship of physical appearances, nationalism and false imaginary borders and boundaries... in a fake dream realm full of those who cannot see the light beyond the dark veil of duality, of right and left, black and white, female and male, self and non-self, birth and death, may you find the courage within you to manifest and grow in accordance with your own inner deepest authenticity. In a society that rewards and is dense with those afraid to let the expression of their true face show, have the courage to take the mask off to let go of the fake #zen#dharma#staywoke#earthlings#community

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