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#smilingbee - @nadodi_jr Instagram Profile Photonadodi_jr


#smilingbee - @nadodi_jr Instagram Photo

when you live in complete acceptance of what it is, that is the end of all the drama in your life ~ Eckart tolle. #spottedowl#canon700d#birding#nadodijr#wildgeography#destinationwild#nationalgeographic#owl#wildculture

RockRib Outdoors️️® - @rockriboutdoors Instagram Profile Photorockriboutdoors

RockRib Outdoors️️®

RockRib Outdoors️️® - @rockriboutdoors Instagram Photo

Friend Trevor Dupuis with his first buck ever! Congratulations buddy.

Dagmar Blankertz - @sheepnews Instagram Profile Photosheepnews

Dagmar Blankertz

Dagmar Blankertz - @sheepnews Instagram Photo

Erinnerungen an meine liebe Fee ️🦊️Wenn ich sie gerufen habe war sie sofort da!!! Ganz am Anfang hat sie mir drei Gummistiefel geklaut. Zwei Wochen habe ich schimpfend die ganze Umgebung abgesucht. Vergeblich! Dann eines Morgens lagen sie wieder vor der Terrasse. Sie hatte sie tatsächlich zurück gebracht. Sie hat alle Regeln akzeptiert. Sie hat keine Löcher gegraben, den Zaun nicht beschädigt, keinen Müll angeschleppt, die Fuchstoilette war außerhalb des Grundstücks und ab sofort waren meine Sachen und die Terrasse(mein Bereich) tabu. Selbst wenn ich Essensreste oder Müllbeutel vergessen hatte, sie hat nichts angerührt. Sie wollte einfach nur da sein und dazu gehören ️️️Memories of my dear fox Fee ️🦊️When I called her she came at once!!! Right at the beginning she had stolen three of my rubber boots. For two weeks I searched them in the surrounding, scolding loudly. In Vain! Then one morning they were lying on the terrace. She really brought them back. She accepted all rules. She never dug holes, never damaged the fence, never brought rubbish to our place, her toilet was outside the property and from now on my things and my area were taboo. Even if I had forgotten leftovers or the garbage bag. She just wanted to be there and belong to us ️️️#heimatliebe#waldtiere#wildtiere#wildworldfriend#destinationwild#draussen#beautifultravel#rotfuchs#fox#foxy#foxlife#foxlove#foxesofinstagram#foxes#paw#paws#tier#tierwelt#tierschutz#tierliebe#landliebe#landleben#lebenaufdemland#tierfotografie#einherzfürtiere#animalzone#animalsmood#animalslife#animalsmatter#animalsarefriends

David White - @solar_whisper Instagram Profile Photosolar_whisper

David White

David White - @solar_whisper Instagram Photo

Here's my all time favorite photo of the absoultley georgeous Beatrice,its been 6 months since we've seen her. I am hopingthat humans have played no part in her leavingthe show and I'mnot even going to go there.I'mthinkingshe'slayingon some bank soaking up the warm rays with a full belly anda hot man (probably one withmore teeth than the king). I'mthinking one day she may drop by and say hi.And when she does well I'll be real happyto see her. Love you Beatrice.

RockRib Outdoors️️® - @rockriboutdoors Instagram Profile Photorockriboutdoors

RockRib Outdoors️️®

RockRib Outdoors️️® - @rockriboutdoors Instagram Photo

Remember two weeks ago I posted a picture of a buck my friends dad shot? Well my friend just got a big buck of his own! Himself and a couple other guys were standing in the driveway when this buck was spotted walking in a field across the road. They got in front of him and set up, with the buck eventually coming to cody. He said it was making a scrape with his back to him about 250 yards away. With the wet ground from rain he was able to stalk 150 yards closer and get a shot. Hunting in Ontario, alreast where we hunt, is not like the t.v. shows... Side note, check out those handle barrrrrs

RockRib Outdoors️️® - @rockriboutdoors Instagram Profile Photorockriboutdoors

RockRib Outdoors️️®

RockRib Outdoors️️® - @rockriboutdoors Instagram Photo

In the office today and then tomorrow it's back to the woods. It's going to be high winds tomorrow but I'm hoping with this low pressure system moving through today, the deer will stay bedded and maybe miss a feeding time and be up in daylight tomorrow. We've had bucks on our cameras shortly after shooting light and all through the night all but can't get a look at them in daylight. Tomorrow is the last day for gun season and then it's back to the bow, and to be honest I love bow hunting late season even more than the rut I think, so if we don't get one, no big deal.

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