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Meera Bhatia (@meerabhatia31tarotreader) Instagram Photo

24th November 2017A day where you need to put more effort and enthusiasm into what you do and you will obtain excellent results. A time for emotional recovery. Patience is needed in the present. A new Business venture on the cards.The Boat- Predicts a pleasure trip on the cards. A time for change. A time of good earnings and some of you may get a small inheritance from a distant relative.Widen your horizons as opportunities knock on your door.

Asterism Jewellery Nz Shop (@asterism_official) Instagram Profile Photoasterism_official

Asterism Jewellery Nz Shop


Sterling sliver& gold plated pearl earrings#sterlingsilver#crystals#goldplated#pearl#earrings

Şerif SARI (@safosaksesuar) Instagram Profile Photosafosaksesuar

Şerif SARI


Özel tasarım #krizoprasdoğal taş kolye.Fiyatı bilgisi ve sipariş için⏩ DM / WhatsAppKapıda ödemeHavale / EftKrizopras -Zafer taşı olarak bilinmektedir.-‎Depresyona iyi gelmektedir.-‎Sakinlik ve huzur verir.#safosaksesuar#aksesuar#accessories#takı#tasarım#dogaltas#naturalstone#gems#gemstonesjewelry#jewelry#jewellerygram#instajewelry#crystals#bileklik#moda#fashion#fashionjewelry#trend#tarz#alışveriş#hediye#burçlar#alışveriş#krizopras#blackfriday#alisveriş

Scales & Stones (@scalesandstones) Instagram Profile Photoscalesandstones

Scales & Stones

Scales & Stones (@scalesandstones) Instagram Photo

What treasures would you put inside the trinket box?

Maxwell Eugene (@monkandmoon) Instagram Profile Photomonkandmoon

Maxwell Eugene

Maxwell Eugene (@monkandmoon) Instagram Photo

A sneak peek at some of the gorgeous Ibis Jasper that will be available tomorrow!This gorgeous 3 inch sphere is available now!.If you reside in the USA, you can check out this treasure by tapping the tag in the post, otherwise please click on the link in our bio to see more pictures of this beauty from Madagascar!.Visit

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Cunningham Counsel

Cunningham Counsel (@cunninghamcounsel) Instagram Photo

November 24th daily reading is ProsperityArchangel Ariel: “Your material needs are provided as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality.” Archangel Ariel is pouring a cornucopia of prosperity upon you and your life, and ask that you open your arms to receive. Some of the treasures will come in the form of brilliant ideas, and some will come as opportunities. Work together to realize your highest dreams, and I ask that you give any worries to her. God and the angels love you very much, and are happy to help you in this way knowing that you’ll pass along the goodness to others as well.

🌜💕Soulfully Adorned💕🌛 (@soulfullyadorned) Instagram Profile Photosoulfullyadorned

🌜💕Soulfully Adorned💕🌛

🌜💕Soulfully Adorned💕🌛 (@soulfullyadorned) Instagram Photo

These ain’t no holiday cookies, but this baking sheet full of goodness is still super yummy to me️

Asterism Jewellery Nz Shop (@asterism_official) Instagram Profile Photoasterism_official

Asterism Jewellery Nz Shop


Sterling sliver& gold plated earrings#sterlingsilver#crystals#goldplated#earrings

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