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Fuente Italia (@fuente_italia) Instagram Profile Photofuente_italia

Fuente Italia

Fuente Italia (@fuente_italia) Instagram Photo

Di solito Fuente cerca di incuriosirci con i trend moda legati al Colore Organico Tierra... ma oggi è tutto diverso...Oggi siamo senza parole nel presentarvi questa affascinante nuance, una favola chiamata ULTRAVIOLET!

ProVeg Deutschland ( Instagram Profile

ProVeg Deutschland

ProVeg Deutschland ( Instagram Photo

Die Antibiotikaresistenz weltweit nimmt zuDaher ruft die @whoim Rahmen der #antibioticsawarenessweekdiese Woche zum Handeln auf. Ein Grund für die beunruhigende Entwicklung: Übermäßiger Einsatz von Antibiotika in der Tierhaltung. So entstehen multiresistente Keime, sogenannte Superbugs, die während Schlachtung und Weiterverarbeitung das Fleisch kontaminieren können…Zum Glück gibt es zahlreiche pflanzliche Fleischalternativen, ganz ohne Superbugs!#stopsuperbugs

G L O W Beauty (@glowbeautyxo) Instagram Profile Photoglowbeautyxo

G L O W Beauty

GLOW BeautyReportShareDownload10

Love this beautiful wispie natural setso pretty

Veganwarriorprincess (@vegan_warriorprincess) Instagram Profile Photovegan_warriorprincess


Veganwarriorprincess (@vegan_warriorprincess) Instagram Photo

This week the Tories voted that animals are not ‘sentient’ beings and ‘cannot feel pain or emotions’I wonder if they would take the same attitude if their beloved dog or cat was being ripped apart or tortured? #doublestandards#endthesuffering#govegan

Tarte Cosmetics (@tartecosmetics) Instagram Profile Phototartecosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics (@tartecosmetics) Instagram Photo

How beautiful is our #crueltyfreelimited-edition artful accessories brush set?!?!? Available now on & @sephora !#tartedelight#rethinknatural#naturalartistry

Josh & Loni (@thatplantbasedcouple) Instagram Photo

Post workout smoothie bowls! There are some sneaky barberries on here to compliment this bowlThis one is full of antioxidants!! If you haven't had barberries try and find them... they are a bit sour but so many extra health benefits than other berries out there (including the famous goji)we are working on new content so stay tuned for more

Bom Bhonenath Veg Food (@bombholenathveg) Instagram Profile Photobombholenathveg

Bom Bhonenath Veg Food

Bom Bhonenath Veg Food (@bombholenathveg) Instagram Photo

Hoje,na marmita vegana!.Almondega de lentilha com molho de tomate caseiroPuré de dois legumesArroz integral com especiariasSalada.Pedidos até 12h pelo WhatsApp 84 994877130 - R$ 15,00 com DELIVERY GRATIS!Com especiarias e ingredientes selecionados..#praiadapipa#piparn#tibaudosul#vegan#veganfood#organic#organicfood#crueltyfree#govegan#goveggie#veganos#veganpipa#protecaoanimal#healthyfood#comidadeverdade#marmitavegana#comidavegana#marmitaveganapipa

annie | Hippie Essentials (@hippieessentials) Instagram Profile Photohippieessentials

annie | Hippie Essentials

annie | Hippie Essentials (@hippieessentials) Instagram Photo

Today only buy dōTERRA Peace touch and get the Motivate touch for free!The touches are perfect for when you’re on the go because they’re pre-diluted. This also makes them perfect for kiddos!️Peace is a blend of vetiver, lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense, clary sage, marjoram, labdanum and spearmint.This reassuring blend is one of my go-to oils when I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious. And when the little ones I work with are feeling those big emotions like anger, frustration and sadness, I apply the peace blend to the bottom of their feet and wrists to help them calm down. ‍️Motivate is a blend of peppermint, clementine, coriander, basil, yuzu, melissa, rosemary and vanilla bean.It promotes feelings of confidence, courage and belief. I mainly use this when I’m procrastinating about doing homework or I have a long to do list. Perfect for work or school! ️If you already have an account with dōTERRA, just add Peace to your cart and Motivate will automatically be added before checkout. ️If you don’t have an account, you can follow the link in my bio to purchase retail or open a wholesale account for $35 to receive wholesale pricing (a 25% discount) for a whole year. *Limit of 5 per account. Offer ends at midnight MST.#hippieessentials#hippieessentialsbogos

🌟Sher🌟 (@s.herbivore) Instagram Profile Photos.herbivore


🌟Sher🌟 (@s.herbivore) Instagram Photo

Have a fancy jar of mini mermaid cookies to end the Tuesday - An explosion of swirls and spirals; incredibly cakey, crumbly chocolate chip cookiesThose encompassing a plump skeleton of soft, yielding crumb rather than a frangible state of sugar-crackle crunch throughout that’d splendidly go with a cup of warm tea or coffee if you prefer. Am attempting a piece of writing I’ve been putting off for a long time now, not sure where it’ll lead me but it’s been a while now. Hope your Tuesday’s going well

Felicitas Brunner (@veganmakeupbrushes) Instagram Profile Photoveganmakeupbrushes

Felicitas Brunner

Felicitas Brunner (@veganmakeupbrushes) Instagram Photo

Ich lieeeeebe Rouge! Und es gibt ein paar meiner Fotografinnen, mit denen ich zusammenarbeite, die sagen: Niemand macht das Rouge so schön wie du . Über das Kompliment freue ich mich natürlich, muss aber gestehen, dass ich das Ergebnis mitunter meinen#makeuppinselnzu verdanken habe. Egal ob #foundation , #rougeoder #augenmakeup , es gelingt immer ein perfektes Auftragen.Neulich hatte ich eine #makupberatung . Die Dame kaufte das #pinselsetund schrieb mir am nächsten Tag eine E-Mail und sagte darin, dass ihr Makeup noch nie so toll ausgesehen hat wie jetzt, wo sie die Pinsel benutzt. Das macht mich einfach glücklich : Anderen Frauen zu helfen, Spaß am #schminkenzu haben. In meinen nächsten Posts zeige ich euch, wie man z.B. mit dem „shape it“ Pinsel konturieren kann.Auf dem Foto seht ihr ein Rouge von @bobbibrown , einen #glossCrayon von @burtsbeesdeund einen #lipglossvon @lilylolouk.In den kommenden Posts trage ich alle drei Produkte. ...#imstudio#studiolife#tips#protips#makeupbrushes#vegan#veganmakeupbrushes#crueltyfree#burtsbees#lilylolo#bobbibrown#makeupartist#makeuplover#makeupgeek#makeupaddict#instablogger#instamakeup#beauty#beautyblogger#instablogger#munich#münchen

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