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Dr. Charity Ezenwa-Onuaku (@drcharitysblog) Instagram Profile Photodrcharitysblog

Dr. Charity Ezenwa-Onuaku

Dr. Charity Ezenwa-Onuaku (@drcharitysblog) Instagram Photo

So #salesare on, and to save $20 you may have to spend $100? Probably on something you do not really need? ---You could also spend $0 and get to KEEP your entire $100! Probably throw it into your savings and stack it up for #investing !---Which would you rather choose to better off? Comment - please subscribe and be the first to know! ---Remember, it is possible to end poverty through financial education......#drcharitysblog#sales#deals#bottomline#assets#personalfinance#opportunity#wealthy#generation#wealthbuilding#creditrating#empowerafrica#knowledge#interest#empower#invest#assets#money#wealth#savings#blackgirlmagic#blackgirlsrock#business#endpoverty#moneymagic#income#wealthygen#millionaire

CCH (Cape Coastal Homes) (@citycountryhomes) Instagram Profile Photocitycountryhomes

CCH (Cape Coastal Homes)

CCH (Cape Coastal Homes) (@citycountryhomes) Instagram Photo

The Prospects for South African Property Market in 2018 – Role of PoliticsPolitics has of late been weighing very heavily on the South African economy - in particular the perceived frequent, conflicting political and economic policy proposals, especially populist ones, is seen to have negatively impacted sentiment, and so investment. According to Annabel Bishop (Investec Chief Economist) economic growth has been weak to contracting, credit rating downgrades have occurred on deteriorating government finances, and the poor fiscal health of many major state owned entities has required assistance from the government purse.With the country now in a run up to the national election in 2019, and the ANC’s presidential election at the end of this year, Bishop expects little to change to meaningfully accelerate GDP growth, and weak outcomes are forecast, with foreigners likely to continue to sell off their equity holdings on a net basis (akin to the R49 billion sell off between March and September 2017). We are according to Cris Harrison (SA Homeloans) at another tipping point moment in South Africa’s history.The ANC elective conference in December has 3 potential outcomes:1. Ramaphosa wins – this is seen as good for the economy2. Dlamini Zuma wins – this is largely seen as negative3. The conference is postponed / cancelled – this is direWhat has become evident over the last few years is that the political power in South Africa vests with very few people and our constitution is not as robust as was first thought.To read the rest of this article, please follow the link to our website: - Cris Harrison / SA Homeloans and Annabel Bishop / Investec#southafrica#southafricanpropertymarket#2018#roleofpolitics#southafricaneconomy#economygrowth#creditrating#downgrades#govermentfinances#ancpresidentialelection#gdpgrowth#foreigners

CCH (Cape Coastal Homes) (@citycountryhomes) Instagram Profile Photocitycountryhomes

CCH (Cape Coastal Homes)

CCH (Cape Coastal Homes) (@citycountryhomes) Instagram Photo

Breaking News - Reserve Bank kept interest rate unchangedThe Reserve Bank Governor, Lesetja Kganyago, said yesterday that the Monetary Policy Committee had once again decided to let the interest rates remain unchanged with the repo rate at 6.75%, and the prime lending rate at 10.25%. That leaves the repo rate on the same “spot” since July’s cut of 25 basis points – first cut in five years. With a pair of possible credit rating downgrades hanging over SA, there was little expectation that the Bank would cut rates this time – unlike in September, when the decision to hold the repo steady came as a surprise to many.While SA's moribund economy could do with the potential stimulatory effects of a rate cut, the threat of the downgrades to junk constrains the Bank. Downgrades – which could come on Friday night, when Moody's and S&P Global Ratings are expected to announce their decisions – would negatively effect the rand, which has a direct impact on inflation, and the bond market, affecting the price government pays to borrow money.Source: Evo Copestone Financial Solutions#breakingnews#reservebank#interestrate#unchanged#monetarypolicycommittee#reporate#lendingrate#creditrating#downgrades#sa#economy#rand#inflation#bondmarket#pricegoverment

Peyman Molavi دكتر پيمان مولوي (@drmolavi) Instagram Profile Photodrmolavi

Peyman Molavi دكتر پيمان مولوي

encanews (@encanews) Instagram Profile Photoencanews


encanews (@encanews) Instagram Photo

#fitchkeeps #saat junk, outlook stable:South Africa’s long-term #creditratingremains ‘BB+', otherwise known as #junkstatus , with a stable outlook, ratings agency Fitch confirmed on Thursday.The agency outlined low growth and sizeable government debt as the main downside risk to the rating.More on or follow on #dstv403.#encanews#southafrica#enews#ratingsagency

UPSC Tumbler (@upsc_tumbler) Instagram Profile Photoupsc_tumbler

UPSC Tumbler

UPSC Tumbler (@upsc_tumbler) Instagram Photo

#missionupsc2018#creditrating#creditsuisseThere’s considerable wealth poverty in India with as many as 92 per cent of the adult population having a networth below $10,000 (around Rs 6.5 lakh), Swiss brokerage Credit Suisse said in a report.The ReportIn China, only 63 per cent of population have a networth below $10,000.The report said just 0.5 per cent of Indians have a networth over $1,00,000 (Rs 65 lakh). However, due to India’s large population, this translates into 4.2 million people.The share of wealthThe share of wealth fails to match the population share as the population share exceeds the wealth share by a factor of almost 10 in the country.The average wealth per adult here is estimated at $ 5,980 (Rs 3,88,700) in mid-2017.Personal wealth is dominated by property and other real assets, which make up 86 per cent of estimated household assets.Personal debt is estimated to be 9 per cent of gross assets, even when adjustments are made for under-reporting.

Dr. Charity Ezenwa-Onuaku (@drcharitysblog) Instagram Profile Photodrcharitysblog

Dr. Charity Ezenwa-Onuaku

Dr. Charity Ezenwa-Onuaku (@drcharitysblog) Instagram Photo

This season, we are #thankfulthat you are a part of our tribe. ---We are building a tribe of people committed to taking control of their finances and building a wealthy generation. Thank you for being a part of this tribe and this movement. ---We have are working hard behind the scene for great solutions and tools to help you on this journey, stay tuned! They are coming soon! - please subscribe and be the first to know!Remember, it is possible to end poverty through financial education.

JamJarCar (@jamjarcar) Instagram Profile Photojamjarcar



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