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Before I rant let me get one thing straight, I’m still always gonna be a Cowboys fan no matter what. But tell me why vs the Rams, Packers, and now Eagles, the Cowboys play amazing defense the first half.. and get destroyed on the ground and through the air the second half? Where are our adjustments? We run the ball almost every first and second down of each drive, putting more and more pressure on Dak to make a throw on 3rd down. Our offensive play calling has been predictable all year and unlike us, the opposing coach makes an adjustment against it during halftime. The Coaching has to get better in all aspects of the game. I still stand by my prediction the Cowboys can make the playoffs. 4 very winnable games these next 4 weeks. Let’s try and be 9-5 when Zeke returns. Put this eagles game behind us.Rp

Jason James (@jasonjamess0512) Instagram Profile Photojasonjamess0512

Jason James

Had a lot of fun these past 2 days at the Cowboys & Spurs game #cowboysnation#gospursgo

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TE Customs👟

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(Client Request) Second word, ADVERSITY. Throughout life we all face some sort of challenge or hardship but how we overcome it is what makes us stronger individuals. •••••#customcleats#nikecleats#handpainted#raleighrestorations#angelusshoepolish#angelusdirect#cowboys#cowboysnation#cowboyscustoms#tecustomssneakers

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On this weeks episode we recap that ass whooping the @philadelphiaeaglesgave the @dallascowboysas we are joined by Iraq War veteran and Cowboys fan @la.mo13.Jags Super Defense. Talk Trump vs Lavar, why big dudes always bitching and who the hell is touching Terry Crews! Link in Bio!#podcasts#zoneonethirty#eagelsnation#cowboysnation#nfl#anthemprotests#supportourtroops


Thanks for not judging me when I fall asleep on your couch early on a Saturday night and for all our bff dates.... and thanks for upgrading our seats Roberto! #cowboysnation

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