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New Mommy Perspective - @newmommyperspective Instagram Profile Photonewmommyperspective

New Mommy Perspective

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Something you didn’t know about me, I’m a huge nerd! This mommy is a cosplayer. And I loved dressing up as lumpy space princess with my little lump still in my belly! “You only love me for my lumps!! Photo taken by @foquesphoto....#adventuretime#cosplaymom#cosplayer#lumpyspaceprincess#lsp#millenialmom#pregnantbelly#nerdymom

Dallas Jenkins - @itworksforcosplaytoo Instagram Profile Photoitworksforcosplaytoo

Dallas Jenkins

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Where are my Mommas that need a pregnancy safe stretch mark cream? I wish I had this while I was pregnant 🤰 thank goodness I can use it even after words!!! #pregnancy#stretchmarks#mombod#postpartumbody#mommy#lovemykids#cosplay#cosplaygirl#cosplaymom

Erin Brooks - @erinsgobragh Instagram Profile Photoerinsgobragh

Erin Brooks

Erin Brooks - @erinsgobragh Instagram Photo

The past 2 days my two babies had double-teamed me. To the point where I was so ready to bang my head into the wall from all the whining and crying and not listening lol. But as horrible as they were when I look down and see them like this my heart just melts, damn it lol.Ok, let's share some stories! When was a time your babies pissed you off so much you were ready to do something extreme, but then you saw then doing something sweet and it melted your heart...

SwedishJynErso - @swedishjynerso Instagram Profile Photoswedishjynerso


SwedishJynErso - @swedishjynerso Instagram Photo

Aiming high. Now I know just how much needs to change to get Jyn just right. It will be a long term project #blaster#3dgeekwares@3dgeekwares#jynerso#jynersocosplay#cosplay#cosplayer#cosplaymom#cosplayersofinstagram#starwars#astarwarsstory#rogueone#jeddah#photoshoot

Erin Brooks - @erinsgobragh Instagram Profile Photoerinsgobragh

Erin Brooks

Erin Brooks - @erinsgobragh Instagram Photo

I was shallow hollow. Think of a piece of rock being chipped away by a minor. That's how my self-esteem was all through my life. Ever since I was a little kid I let others dictate how I felt about myself and my life. I was growing up in a damaged home under unthinkable circumstances for a 7 year old. I was taught to put myself last so my parents could come first and somewhere in there coming in at all started to be too much effort. I hung around those who were depressed and struggling themselves and saw others around me take flight while I was sinking. So much so I did have some really bad thoughts come into my head.Things changed after having my car accidents, but they got worse at first. It wasn't until I had Sammy, 4 years later, that I started little by little to fight. First the physical pain then the mental with Owen when I started my business. My teammates (brothers and sisters) embraced me and encouraged me to start to read personal development and learn about myself. As I did the fragile rock started to rebuild and grow stronger than ever. I started to avoid those who had a negative, damaging and closed mindset, (staying in my room), and I started to flourish with those who saw my potential. I started to share and try to reach out to those I knew were strong enough to overcome their hardships and to teach them to do the same.Think about who you hang around with. Are they people who will help you grow? Or are they tearing you down?You are so strong and if you are struggling let's get you fighting to rebuild your rock! Message me!

BethCosplay - @bethcosplay Instagram Profile Photobethcosplay


BethCosplay - @bethcosplay Instagram Photo

In celebration of 500 promised.........I give you a little piece I choreographed especially for you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support! Cosplay has brought me so much confidence and happiness. It’s been a blast so far. Now what will I do for 1000 followers? ️️ #spideydancer#spideydance#500followers#cosplay#spiderman#spidersuit

Erin Brooks - @erinsgobragh Instagram Profile Photoerinsgobragh

Erin Brooks

Erin Brooks - @erinsgobragh Instagram Photo

The alarm would go off 400 million times and Randy would just keep pressing the snooze button. He'd eventually roll out of bed and I would just turn over. I had nothing to do that day except workout and keep Sammy alive lol. I had no greater purpose. Sammy would come in bed and we'd just lay there. I'd wait for my pain meds to kicked in and then we'd go downstairs into the living room and just watch TV and play games until bedtime. I'm sure that sounds great but after a while of having nothing that you achieved or purpose to strive for, no challenge, I started to drown. I was Isolated with no car in my house depressed and in pain.But years later I sought out my purpose. I wake up and don't want to stay in bed because I'm excited about what I get to do today! I have a drive and this hopeful positivity that is in me! But one of the most amazing things is I haven't been alone since!You are put on this earth for a reason. But It's up to you to find it and fight for it! But you know what?! You have an advantage that I didn't you have ME to help you! You're not alone! Message me!What was a time you felt purposeless or do you feel that way now?

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