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Appreciation Posts/Fancams❤️ (@limitlessfancams) Instagram Profile Photolimitlessfancams

Appreciation Posts/Fancams❤️


Next up for the appreciation posts is Eunseo of WJSN! She’s suuuuuch a cutie. Seriously. Just look at her. She’s heavily underrated since there’s so many members in that group. She is one of the several members in WJSN that deserves way more recognition. Not gonna lie she took me the longest to remember in that group because for some reason I kept mistaking her for Seola. But now she sticks out heavily to me. .....................#kpop#korean#koreanpop#girlgroup#kpopgirlgroup#wjsn#cosmicgirls#cosmicgirlseunseo#wjsneunseo#starshipent#starshipentertaiment#starshipwjsn

POUT THAT LIFE 💋💄 ( Instagram Profile


️XMAS️..XMAS IS IN 11 DAYS Omg where has the ti 1669151586473328994

️XMAS️..XMAS IS IN 11 DAYS Omg where has the time gone!Hope you all are having a good December so far. It’s such a busy time of year but I love it!! I’m doing 21 days of Xmas lippy ideas and will keep up my daily posts on Snapchat with anything new for Cosmic Beauty..I appreciate the love and support for anyone that does follow me!! If you know anyone that loves lipstick or beauty and might like my page be sure to let them know about meI’m on all Social Media pages so you’ll definitely find me. Love connecting with people!! -Pout that life

POUT THAT LIFE 💋💄 ( Instagram Profile


21 DAYS OF XMAS LIPPY..I’m swatching 21 Days of Xmas lippy and I’m up to day 11 now!! Be sure to add me on Snapchat or check my Insta story daily..Great way to see what you might like for yourself or maybe a Xmas present for someone else 🤔

POUT THAT LIFE 💋💄 ( Instagram Profile


RAVEN..Wearing @limecrimemakeup ‘Raven’ in an e 1669132842455824843

RAVEN..Wearing @limecrimemakeup‘Raven’ in an exposed light, I need a better camera but my phone will do for now 🤳..Velvetines available from @cosmic_nzonly $34.95 each or two for $65. Have you done all your Xmas shopping yet?? 🤶

@FloralYeojin 🍑 (@berrymochis) Instagram Profile Photoberrymochis

@FloralYeojin 🍑

( © to Uzzu Like for original photo ) 1669136304133569193

( © to Uzzu Like for original photo )