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MoeGainz || coach Moe (@barsandbrainz) Instagram Profile Photobarsandbrainz

MoeGainz || coach Moe

Why do you eat?-To stay alive off course.-The1670572492635209458

Why do you eat?-To stay alive off course.-The point of this post is not to convince you to eat less or anything, it is to ask yourself the why?-Are you eating because you are bored?-Are you eating because you are hungry?-Are you eating because your coworkers are all going to lunch and you must too.-A lot of people in my circle eat when they are bored or in cases where they don’t need to eat but need it to socialize.-In the past, I have fallen into the habit of eating when I was bored but now,to reach my fitness goals, I have to eat nutritious meals so I don’t fall into the act of eating when I am bored.-Food is a way to nourish your body, but a lot of people fall into the habit of using it to overcome boredom or for other means.

Maïlys (@mailysdtz) Instagram Profile Photomailysdtz


Proud to be CMACGM️ #cmacgm #opening #christmaspar 1670571838549386556
HIGH BARReportShareDownload11

A GOOD HOST IS SOMEONE WHO TAKES CARE OF EVERYONE.We are now holding dates for 2018/2019.Join the movement! #highbarBARTENDERS, MOBILE BARS, DRINKS & SNACKS, PRE ROLLS, VAPES & SO MUCH MORE!HIGH BAR is Canada's most elite cannabis event company, with over 20 years experience in the events industry we know how to do it best.We believe in providing our clients with high-end full service experience from start to finish, while keeping cannabis infused services the main focus and always approach each event with a unique perspective.From our mobile cannabis bar & bartender, exceptional THC cuisine and entertainment, HIGH BAR will bring your event to life.​​

PhillyKo (@phillyko) Instagram Profile Photophillyko


*ABOUT USGaya KOREAN BBQ#gayakoreanBBQ is located in #bluebellarea and we are the best Korean BBQ in Philly. Also, we host your next special event at our banquet hall! Our facilities are perfect for any special occasion big or small. We can accommodate any #eventof up to 300 guests. From baby showers to weddings and birthday parties to anniversaries, we have you covered. Additionally, we have #private#roomsavailable for parties of just 10 guests to 30! Some functions we have catered to are:#holidayParties#birthdayParties#bridaland Baby Showers#corporateParty/Meetings#businessLuncheons#weddingReceptions#graduationParty#anniversaryParty#retirementParty*ADRESS & PHONEGaya Banquet1002 W Skippack PikeBlue Bell, PA 19422phone: (215) 654-8900*OPENING TIMEMon – Sun 10:30AM – 10:00PMLast Kitchen Call 9:30PMWebsite :

I had this whole post written out about how gratef 1670569418839451436

I had this whole post written out about how grateful I am to work from home, but how challenging it can be. And how frustrating the misconceptions are.Instead I’m going to delete all that and take the opportunity to ask: where are my Mother Hustlers at?? 🤷‍️ If you’re the Type A, OCD, multi-tasking, wear-all-the-hats, juggle-all-the-things, no excuses, just get sh*t done kind of lady .. have we chatted lately?I’m always looking for people like ME ‍️ to add to my Team. People who aren’t afraid of hustling a bit NOW for the freedom and success LATER.Who maybe want to retire BEFORE their mid-60s and know that varying income streams is the way to go.People who don’t rely on excuses about not having timeor not being motivated - because they just MAKE the time, and were BORN motivated.You don’t have to be certified in anything. You don’t have to be an “expert.” You DO have to want to help others start a journey that you yourself will begin, too. You have to care. You have to SHOW UP for others, and SHOW UP for yourself.You know- like you already do all day, erry day anyway, right?! Right. Because you’re MY kind of hustler. 🤸‍️🤩‍️ If you’re ready to get plugged into some of THE best training out there, join THE most supportive Team imaginable, and change the outlook of your whole future - message me and let’s do the damn thing already.