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Whatever you do - don't lose your pen 🤓

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We love following second year Physician Assistant Studies students Audrey Jeon, Haley Peeples, & Lauren Carosi as they adventure through their clinical rotations. Their joint Instagram account gives a great inside look at what it’s like to be a PA student! This post in particular gave us that #fridayfeelingKeep up the good work! #repost@heartonmywhitecoat(@get_repost )・・・When your preceptor takes the time to explain the coagulation pathway and MOA of anticoagulants you know you got a good one! She also speaks greek, spanish and french fluently so she isgoals .___Family medicine has been a nice step back from running around the hospital, but I'm enjoying the personalized care, and because I'm in a practice that caters to a high number of patients who are often uninsured, it's been super humbling to work side by side a doctor who goes out of her way to deliver the most affordable medications (literally printing out coupons for them at every visit), and educates her patients on affordable health care plans for their necessary treatments.And being able to do intra-articular injections are a plus here! Who knew I would be able to see some of ortho in family medicine__Last tip: I'm really trying to focus on perfecting my overall physical exam skills. For example, completing a good cardio exam and instead of rushing and moving on to my next task (like i probably did during my didactic’s SP encounters) i'm trying to listen to any murmurs, or irregularities just based on my physical exam. ( i was able to pick up on a few last week with the help of my doc!) Take advantage of the time of your rotations! We will be constantly learning and why not learn to strengthen every aspect of our H&P!? 🤓

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Ali Keith

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Day off of the rotation I'm currently on means scrubbing into a neurosurgery case.This morning I got to scrub in on an C6-7 disc arthroplasty with an anterior approach. There have only been 3 of these cases performed at CFV hospital and I was observing for the 1st and assisting for the 3rd.The neurosurgeon I have been with off-and-on for the past 3 months exemplifies the type of Neurosurgeon that I hope to be one day - who even in the later parts of his career remains in the forefront of neurosurgical techniques, equipment and procedure. ------------------------------I actually got to use the bipolar, assist with sizing the disc implant, assist with closing & use the microscope! ‍️#neurosurgery#clinicalrotations#medicalstudent#futureneurosurgeon

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Kristen Nelson

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What a weird, crazy, enlighting, and awesome experience working with the #medicalexaminerthese last 5 weeks! I never thought I could learn so much about patient care from doing autopsies.Now onto SCP 6 - Psych!#pastudent#clinicalrotations#ocme#autopsy#forensics#donttrustmewithablade#orabonesaw#orhedgetrimmers#pathologyisfun#andgross

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Rachel 🥀

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"I'm not telling you it's going to be easy. I'm telling you it's going to be worth it" --Art WilliamsCould not have asked for a better clinical group. 3 more semesters guys, we've got this!#rnorbust#nursingstudent#nursingschool#studentnurse#clinicalrotations#clinicals#nursing

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PA Boards

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The most common cause of culture negative endocarditis is coxiella and bartonella - not the HACEK organisms.

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