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Two northern #greatbarrierreefsites visited Dece 1667187648363275232

Two northern #greatbarrierreefsites visited December 2017. We still have stunning, highly diverse and healthy coral reefs. BUT we have also lost 95% of corals at other sites. We must act now to preserve the remaining healthy coral reefs to conserve the Great Barrier Reef. The decisions we make can and do impact the Reef! Let's not leave future generations with out a Reef. Thank you @gbrlegacyfor the opportunity to visit the northern Reef on the recent Legacy expedition. #science#research#coral#coralreef#scienceforsolutions#australia#greatbarrierreef#ocean#climatechange#coralbleaching#wemustactnow@australiangeographic@natgeo@utsscience

SARAH V. MATHIEU (@sarahvmathieu) Instagram Profile Photosarahvmathieu


Chasing ice- It’s not by chance that we are seeing 1667186649807499079

Chasing ice- It’s not by chance that we are seeing rare events happening all in sequence. There’s a reason for that, we are seeing extraordinary changes in our environment triggered by climate change. Our activities are contributing to increased extremes. ---#glacier#iceland#turningthetide#climatechange@iceland.explore

Reef Repairel (@reefrepairel) Instagram Profile Photoreefrepairel

Reef Repairel

Swimming with the pod.....: @naltru 1667183771777413304

Swimming with the pod.....: @naltru

Object Reborn (@objectreborn) Instagram Profile Photoobjectreborn

Object Reborn