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@kmw___8 Instagram Photo

I think breakfast is my favorite.

Suse ^-^ / Mia 🇩🇪🇬🇧🇺🇸 (@l4dy_mialeelay) Instagram Profile Photol4dy_mialeelay

Suse ^-^ / Mia 🇩🇪🇬🇧🇺🇸

Chelsea (@chelseaseely) Instagram Photo

Just walking the dog at 5:00 at night in the pitch black. Anyone else go insane that it’s dark at 4:30 these days?P.S. my workouts are returning soon. My hips and calf are still punishing me from my race. I guess recovery for an old fart like me takes more time than I thought. Sure makes me appreciate when my body feels strong.

📺@MyTV13 IFBBPRO AnthonyKurup (@ifbbpro.anthonykurup) Instagram Profile Photoifbbpro.anthonykurup

📺@MyTV13 IFBBPRO AnthonyKurup

📺@MyTV13 IFBBPRO AnthonyKurup (@ifbbpro.anthonykurup) Instagram Photo

Tango! We been at it for a minute! We finally got you some hardware!!!I knew the moment my man Cota sent me @chris_tango52it was on & poppin. Tango is a well rounded solid young man. His discipline is check & that is a coach's dream come true. He's motivated & loves to share his energy along the way of pursuing his dreams. His great attutude is contagious and he is always vibin' on high frequency for our team workouts. I knew it was just a matter of time for us to to get some recognition. Though he placed his first time entering the Men's Physique category, he says his heart is with Classic Physique. Has that changed after battling it out with a stacked class this past weekend @ferrignolegacy ? You'll have to ask him! I'm sure he now has a new found love and respect for both categories such as myself. I'm excited to pack on some more size to this Hawaiian stud for next year's return to the CP division. So honored & humbled to be a part of your journey brother. It's truly a Blessing to me. Salute. @christ_tango52

CC Strength (@ccstrength27) Instagram Profile Photoccstrength27

CC Strength

CC Strength (@ccstrength27) Instagram Photo

Mr Fat Face gonna trim down a bit 🤸‍️ #foodislife#foodporn#allkindsofgains#cleaneating

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