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Filmatic - Movies & Cinema (@filmatic) Instagram Profile Photofilmatic

Filmatic - Movies & Cinema

Filmatic - Movies & Cinema (@filmatic) Instagram Photo

Revenge (I) (1990)Before Tony Scott came on board as director, Kevin Costner himself decided to direct the movie as his directorial debut, but producer Ray Stark talked him out of it as he didn't feel Costner was ready to helm a project just yet.Directed by: Tony Scott

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Cinematography ( Instagram Photo

⠀"Brooklyn" (2015)•DP | Yves Bélanger•Director | John Crowley———————————————————————#colorpalette#brooklyn#aspectratio#photography#cinema#cinematography#shot#art#colors#movies#film#filmmaking#cinephile

Movie Reviews by Jonny Campo ( Instagram Profile

Movie Reviews by Jonny Campo

Movie Reviews by Jonny Campo ( Instagram Photo

Justice League is #dccomics first ever attempt to get #batman#superman#wonderwoman#cyborg#theflashand #aquamanall on screen at the same time.I went into this not really feeling the trailers i wont lie, but i was still super excited and i left with a smile. DC has always been my go to for comics and Batman has always been my favorite superhero by a long shot, so its fair to say i have been waiting for this for a long time. I am however a realist and a movie critic first before a fan boy, and in all honesty i liked this movie. I dont really understand why so many critics didnt like this, i mean obviously its not gonna win an oscar and i would take 3 of the 6 superhero movies from #2017before this one but its definitely not bad, it was a really fun film and the experience was just satisfying as a whole. JL did obviously have flaws, but not ones as glaring as Suicide Squad or BVS did.Heres a couple i want to get out Some of the CGI was awful i will admit that, The Villain sucked, he looked bad and his mouth didnt sync with the dialogue. The combination of Snyder and Whedon actually worked well but some of the reshoot stuff did stand out. The Amazons and Wonder Woman were way over sexualized (it felt Michael Bay-ish) and after watching this i heard the same comment from about 15 different people. The jokes were 50/50 especially from the Flash, well some of the Batman moments felt out of place.This movie excelled in its acting, with Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck just taking it up a notch. The chemistry between all the characters was amazing, love all the little bromances going on. Superman was so awesome, its nice to see Henry Cavill actually getting some stuff to work with, and The end credit scenes were both awesome stick around for those. Also really liked Cyborg (thought i wouldnt), Flash and Aquaman cant wait for the solo's.In the end this movie is far from perfect but i think DC found their tone with this and understand where they need to go from here. Definitely worth checking out.7.6/10#movielover#cinema#movienight

Cinematography ( Instagram Profile


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⠀"Revolutionary Road" (2009)•DP | Roger Deakins•Director | Sam Mendes———————————————————————#colorpalette#revolutionarylove#aspectratio#photography#cinema#cinematography#shot#art#colors#movies#film#filmmaking#cinephile

Drew Thomas (@dpct22) Instagram Profile Photodpct22

Drew Thomas

Drew Thomas (@dpct22) Instagram Photo

Now Watching: The Incredibles (2004) directed by Brad Bird. I've been looking for this version with the slipcover for a while now, and after many failed eBay bid wars, I finally managed to get my hands on this one for a great price! And it arrived right after the teaser for the sequel was released. I can't wait for The Incredibles 2!•BLURAY NO. 200!!

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