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Home in German village, Columbus, Ohio. Such charm 1671519289662106732

Home in German village, Columbus, Ohio. Such charming houses, cobble stone streets.#germanvillagecolumbus#christmasdecorations#columbusohio

It has been a few days since I shared...such a bus 1671550275302040651

It has been a few days since I shared...such a busy time of year! I cleaned my booty off today, trying to get the house ready for the holidays! My daughter was a great helper too and she's only four, almost five! Seriously I don't know how I got so lucky with her. She was voluntarily in the bathroom scrubbing toilets and singing songs she made up about cleaning! "Clean, clean, clean the house..." (to the tune of Row Row Row your Boat). And my husband said, "That is your offspring; She is so happy to be cleaning!" Hahaha. We cleaned things that have never been cleaned the cushion covers on this couch. We've had this thing for like a decade. And every cushion had some sort of stain. If I'm being really real, both sides were stained because we flipped the cushions after the top sides got stained. And in all those years we never thought to take them off and run them through the wash, until the thought popped into my head randomly today. That's how my mind works. And it's probably the best thing we've ever done. The couch looks great and smells great now. My husband said it should get us through the next decade hahaha. I've had a hard time photographing this space in the living room during the day so I got the idea to try it at night and I love the way it came out. Gosh I'm just full of genius ideas today Bahahahaha! Hope you had a great day friends!

À Colmar, la magie de Noël en Alsace(11/12/2017). 1671549872613958536

À Colmar, la magie de Noël en Alsace(11/12/2017).Colmar, Christmas magic in Alsace region(2017/12/11).アルザス地方・コルマール(2017年12月11日).フォトグラファー一杯スポット.#ig_europa#besteuropephotos#igersfrance#infinity_hdr#europestyle_#loves_united_france#travel_drops#kf_gallery#streets_and_transports#visitcolmar#christmasdecorations

Mane Phillips ( Instagram Profile

Mane Phillips

Decoración de una mesa Navideña️️ #christmastime 1671549304302491908

Decoración de una mesa Navideña️️ #christmastime